NeNe Leakes Talks Dealing With Bridesmaid-Zillas, Wedding Planning Drama, And The One Thing Reality TV Cameras Haven’t Captured!


Last night NeNe Leakes dealt with "bridesmaid-zillas" (which have previously only been seen on Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids!). Without Randy to steer her in the right direction and keep these maids in line, full-scale mayhem erupted as only could happen on a reality show. Bless you Bravo! 

The I Dream Of NeNe star confessed keeping all her ladies controlled and choosing who would be there with her on the big day was a definite challenge! 

"It's really hard for me to step in between them because we are all friends," NeNe told OK! Magazine. "If I say something to one, the other one says I’m taking sides. So that was really hard for me."

Of course, NeNe didn't expect any aspect of wedding planning to be easy. But everything from choosing bridesmaids gowns to dealing with wedding planners was a challenge! 


"A lot of things were happening that I had no control over, and I don’t know," NeNe confesses. "It was interesting, it was an interesting ride." 

"The guys were like amazingly easy compared to the girls," NeNe explains. "They would take whatever tux and whatever shoe and the girls were just full of drama and other stuff."

About that drama, NeNe feels they forgot their place. As in BEHIND the bride, not actually being the bride! Included in her bridal party was a bevy of reality stars like Marlo Hampton, Jennifer Williams, and Laura Govan. Along with her real-life friends like the infamous Diana

"Just putting all nine of these women from different states, they are from Atlanta, New York, and L.A, they have personalities, some of them are divas, some are not," NeNe acknowledges. "But the majority of them forgot that it was called bridesmaid, and at the end of the word bride, there is a maid, which means you help the damn bride."

"It was overwhelming and a lot for me to take to the point that I need to take a step back from some of those girls," NeNe admits. "It has definitely affected our relationship, them being bridesmaids for me affected our relationships because I did not know some of them would act the way they did."

Even worse no amount of compromise could make them happy! "They complained about everything," NeNe reveals. " I couldn’t believe it either, I really couldn’t." One person who kept it in check was NeNe's biggest fan, fellow Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate Cynthia Bailey. "Cynthia is really sweet, really laid back. She was one of my easier bridesmaids," NeNe says. 

"They didn’t handle any duty. Most of their duties were focusing on themselves," NeNe adds putting her wedding party on blast!. "So they were not these amazing, helpful bridesmaids that I wish they had been. But there were a few girls who were really helpful to me." 

NeNe also shares her biggest advice for brides: "Make sure you investigate your wedding planner," NeNe cautions. "Some of these wedding planners think they are the bride, you have to be like okay hold on, I am the bride, you are the wedding planner. They are supposed to help to relieve stress."

NeNe was happy, but nervous to include the drama with Gregg Leakes' kids on the show. "I knew lots of Americans had the same issue," she says. She'll also probably be watching her Cancun bachelorette party "under the bed" because "a lot happens." Strippers?!

NeNe also talked RHOA which premieres next month – and it would appear now that she's ventured into spinoff territory NeNe might just be over it! "You know, lots of drama, just the same old girl stuff. But a lot of drama this year, to me it is a lot of drama, I think some people come on the show and beef up their story line so it’s a lot of drama." #Krayonce

In other NeNe news she sat down with People Chatter to answer 5 questions in 60 seconds. Asked what she was thinking as she walked down the aisle – it was all about how uncomfortable her bedazzled bridal gown was! "I'm ready to get this s#*! over with! Hurry up! This dress is huge," she laughs. 

NeNe also shared the one thing reality TV cameras haven't captured! "They have seen everything," NeNe says. "Literally everything! Except for my titties – and I haven't shown them those yet. And they tryin' see those too!" 

[Photo Credit: Twitter]