Did NeNe Leakes Get In A Brawl With Marlo Hampton While Filming Real Housewives of Atlanta?


This is a long one kiddos, so settle in. There's a bevy of news about the new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta which is finding itself in a bit of a hot mess. We've been sitting on this and combing through the info so prepare yourself for a read-thru. 

Last week Cynthia Bailey hosted some charity fitness event called The Bailey Bowl. According to FreddyO.com the event was filmed for RHOA – and all the ladies were in attendance. It's interesting that they are still filming considering the season airs in less than a month. Bravo still hasn't released the official cast photos yet, which brings us to the issue at hand… 

Attending the event was also former RHOA extra Marlo Hampton, previously fired for being too scandalous and too criminally cultivated. Marlo staged a return to Bravo on NeNe Leakes wedding spinoff I Dream Of NeNe. The show has been popular and rumors are swirling that Bravo is making some last-minute cast changes to RHOA. Meaning MARLO is being re-introduced to the show.


It's no secret that NeNe has been having issues with upstart Kenya Moore, who isn't getting along with anyone and badly needs a confidante on the show. She's decided to team up with Marlo to promote each other by "plotting and planning behind NeNe's back". As a front Marlo has been acting as Kenya's stylist according to Straight From The A.

NeNe, of course, is not amused. She even confirmed SFTA's story with a tweet and proceeded to remind Marlo on twitter that she will "never be a housewife" and "you are not their brand" (meaning Bravo's). 

So that brings us back to The Bailey Bowl. Hosted by Cynthia, it featured several teams: Team Twirl, hosted by Kenya (and featuring Marlo), Team Rich hosted by NeNe – and her ENTIRE wedding party minus Marlo!

There was also Team Kandi and Team Naked (hosted by Porsha), and Freddy O has a ton of photos so make sure to check them out. The event was judged by Derek J and although things started out as a friendly competition between Team Rich and Team Twirl, things got um… physical and NeNe called the cops on Marlo

Spies say NeNe refused to even acknowledge Marlo's presence at the event – especially when the cameras were rolling. "Apparently Hampton got loud and was feeling ‘some kinda way’ when Nene shaded her while the cameras were rolling," says SFTA.  "There were tossed water, storming out of the set, and tears involved," reports Freddy O. 

TamaraTattles reveals even more details. She claims water bottles were thrown and a producer was hit in the process of trying to break up a scrapping NeNe and Marlo!

Another witness told MediaTakeOut that in the process of breaking up the fight, NeNe became so agitated she actually whacked the producer! “NeNe told [the producer], ‘I made you … you will NOT disrespect me.’ Then NeNe went upside his head with a bottle … PLOOP!!” After the fight NeNe called the police and left with Gregg

NeNe took to twitter to vehemently deny any gossip that she hit any person, but confirming that an incident did indeed happen! Everyone else has been eerily quiet on twitter. 

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I'm guessing NeNe also pressed charges against Ms. Marlo because she also tweeted: "Some people just belong n jail! See u court." 

"I don't regret when I do things out of the goodness of my heart! It's sad when ppl can't see ur heart & all that you've done 2 help them," NeNe tweeted. Adding, "U can't throw every dog a bone because they might bite your hand #lessonlearned"

Marlo didn't expressly comment but she did tweet "Losers quit when they're tired. Winners quit when they've won. -Unknown"

NeNe also recently admitted to Entertainment Weekly that Marlo was impossible to work with and it was probably a bad idea to have an acquaintance with famewhoring aspirations in her wedding. Y'a think! "When Marlo and I worked on Real Housewives, she was just appearing here and there. When we worked on I Dream of Nene, I could see her business sense, and it just wasn’t attractive."

"Diana [Gowins] is a good girlfriend of mine, we’ve been friends for a very long time. It was very hard for her to see me befriend other girls. She became super-protective, a security guard, a gate keeper, just everything you can think of."

Photos from The Bailey Bowl can be found at FreddyO.com.

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Kandi and Phaedra at The Bailey Bowl. [Credit: Instagram]