Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Messy Houses


Last night on Real Housewives of Atlanta relationships were definitely put to the test, but none more so than the relationship between Kenya Moore and the rest of the cast as she was confronted for texting Apollo

Things begin with Miss WHO-S-A pageant waving as she leaves the courthouse after her eviction hearing. There's like 4 bored looking photographers standing around checking their watches as Kenya breezes out clutching her chest gasping, 'For meeeee?! Lil' ol' meeee?! Oh being famous… it's such a responsibility.' One of the photographers looks around and asks, 'I thought NeNe Leakes was gonna be here?' Jussst kidding, but you know Kenya called those paps herself and now she's trying to pretend she's A-list. Girl, that ship done sailed! She claims she won her eviction case. 

Later she goes for drinks with NeNe to discuss their argument at Cynthia Bailey's launch. Krayonce turns on those pageant tears to sniffle about how she has been displaced from her home and no one reached out like she's some sort of suburban refugee. NeNe shoots her a girl please look and reminds her that she's supposed to be a multi-millionaire producer, director, booty boosting guru, man-eating queen, so how can she be homeless? Kenya is like yeah, all that's true but I still need friends and none of you were there for me.


That's when NeNe reminds her that she was texting Apollo and that left a baaaad taste in everyone's mouth so she agrees to arrange a sit-down between Kenya and the girls to clear the air. 

Kenya is dealing with being homeless and so is Porsha Stewart. Kordell locked her out and she's staying with her mom. Kordell sent her a $5000 check for temporary spousal support so she could find a place but she decides to save the money and live with her mom. And then take over her mom's master bedroom so she has room for all her designer clothes. Maybe Porsha could afford her own master if she liquidated some of that Louis Vuitton


Kordell promised Porsha all this money, a fancy car, shopping sprees and vacations if they got married. And then she did marry him and had a $5,000 purse and a Benz but she had to borrow money from her mom to go shopping. So basically, as someone pointed out, Kordell is actually paying Porsha child support because that's how she acts and that's how he treated her. And if you marry for money, girl you earn every cent! Of course that doesn't mean you should be dumped on Twitter. 

Later Porsha gets a text from her attorney letting her know Kordell will drop off the rest of her stuff since he doesn't want her in the house or something. "Karma has a name and that name is bitch! And it's gonna bite him in that big bubble butt," Porsha cries to her "Siamese cat" sister.

Cynthia is having her own marital problems. She has uterine fibroids that are making her moody, miserable, tired, uncomfortable, constantly hungry, and looking fat. Instead of supporting his wife through her health crisis, Peter is constantly complaining and calling her fat. Cynthia should tell him she'll stop eating when he stops going bankrupt! 


In the wake of the media speculating that she's pregnant and Peter whining that she'd rather eat cupcakes than have sex, she decides to get surgery to get the fibroids removed. Peter is like oh that's great is my wife gonna look like a super model again cause we need her face to make us some money! 

The girls all stop by Kandi Burruss' house to eat healthy and partake in some good old fashioned healthy bitching. Porsha waltzes in with a brand-new short haircut which she insists is her real hair. Phaedra Parks observes that she has a tiny head. "Tiny head, tiny brain," she muses. Two words: siamese cats. 

The subject of Kenya comes up and what exactly went down with Apollo. Phaedra is furious and spouts off about Krayonce's rent-a-boyfriend and her nutty antics. Phaedra isn't even throwing shade at Kenya, it's straight black out! #TotalEclipseOfTheHeart  Apparently Krayonce offered to do a MoniKa LewinsKy on Apollo which makes everyone's mouths drop open in shock and disgust. 

At home Phaedra and Apollo are bickering and complaining about how he has no taste when it comes to decorating their house. Phaedra is clearly unhappy with everything he does. Maybe it's because they just had Mr. President or maybe it's because these two have unresolved issues over Kenyinski-Gate

Everyone agrees to go to NeNe's sit-down with Kenya and when they arrive Phaedra is rocking a straight up Phunerals by Phaedra suit and she is ready to bury Miss. Krayonce! 


Kenya waltzes in with NeNe and immediately this girl is not getting it. First she denies that she was texting Apollo, then she said she brought it up because she was trying to prove she sent innocent texts, then she tries to blame Phaedra saying she should have told her not to text Apollo. It was ridiculous and this girl does not learn! 

Despite the ladies trying to remind her that it is the principle of the matter and you do not text another woman's husband, Kenya is stuck on how nothing is her fault like a auto-pilot beauty queen pivoting at the end of the stage. She keeps looking around smiling, trying to get the other ladies to fall for her charms. They're like 'No'.

NeNe points out that with all the d–k in Atlanta, surely Kenya does not need another woman's husband, but all the d–k in ATL got the memo from Walter that Kenya is whirlin' twirlin' krazy! Then Porsha loses it after Kenya accuses her of being Phaedra's puppet. 

Finally Phaedra speaks. Silence! She barks holding up a hand. "I can move past the texting because nobody wants your silicone stuffed butt-bag and fading beauty queen krazy, but the AIDS comment about how Apollo needs to get tested and I should use protection – that I cannot forgive." Everyone gasps. Audibly. Kenya is twirling her head around in denial so fast it was like the exorcists. She denies saying it but then Bravo plays the clip and busted! 

Even NeNe, who as we know is no fan of Phaedra, cannot let that go. The meeting didn't end well exactly but everyone agrees to be civil at the very least. We all know that won't last! 


Perhaps having the most relationship drama is Kandi, whose mother does not support her marriage to Todd at all! In fact Mama Joyce thinks Todd is a straight-up good for nothing, gold digging scrub who cannot provide for Kandi and is using her for a fancy home and marital support.

Poor Kandi! I mean I can understand being worried about your daughter, but Todd has an established career, seems nice and normal, and does not appear to have famewhorish aspirations. Basically he's not AJ. 

Joyce calls Todd out for making less money than Kandi but Kandi says they both share the bills. Kandi would rather be happy and with a man who treats her well than with someone who is rich. Agreed! She also says Riley does not like him, but Kandi believes her mom is saying negative things about Todd to Riley because when they are all together it's fun and everyone gets along.

Then Joyce insults Kandi's engagement ring saying it's not big enough. Kandi begins to cry because she loves her ring and chose it. Furthermore, it's beautiful. The whole thing was really sad and I wish Kandi's mother could be more supportive of her choices. 

Hopefully Todd turns out to be a good guy and Mama Joyce's fears are unwarranted. 

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