Tamra Barney And Vicki Gunvalson Talk Lizzie Rovsek, Brooks Ayers, And Chairgate


Vicki Gunvalson not liking new girls is an understatement – and she launched on new Real Housewives of Orange County star Lizzie with a vengeance. Good thing Lizzie Rovsek is the type of girl that doesn't back down. 

Since Tamra Judge and Vicki are all about a 'Housewives Hazing' the two are speaking out about Lizzie (with Vicki apologizing for her behavior) and they're also speaking out about "chairgate" and Tamra's comments about Vicki's on-again/off-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers

"Watching this week's episode made me very upset on how I treated Lizzie when we first met," Vicki writes on her Bravo blog entitled 'I'm Not Proud of How I Treated Lizzie.'

"All I can say is that is not the person who I want to be, nor am I proud of how I talked to her when we were in the limo," Vicki continues. "There was a lot more to that limo ride which you didn't get to see, but either way, it was wrong of me and I have since apologized."


Chiming in Tamra reveals that she feels Lizzie was an equal contributor to the awkwardness! "Vicki and Lizzie did not hit it off, I honestly felt like it was a joint effort to not get along."

"I don't think Vicki was trying to be rude, she was just being Vicki. I know Vicki better than anyone and she has the biggest heart. But as we know, Vicki has a way with her words. She honestly cracks me up because I know she means no harm," Tamra says in defense of her friend on her Bravo blog.

As for Vicki not ordering Lizzie a shot, Tamra calls BS. "Vicki clearly ordered shots for everyone and I think Lizzie was jumping to conclusions because of what happened in the limo. That Lizzie has some feistiness in here and seems to fit in very well."


Vicki says she feels responsible for the ridiculous chair fight. "I felt bad that Heather [Dubrow] was upset about me asking her to change seats so Shannon [Beador] could sit by me. We happened to be in a conversation that wasn't finished yet, so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal to have Heather move down. Watching this episode I can see how both of them could be 'bugged.' Sorry, Heather! Sorry, Shannon!" Vicki is apologizing a lot… where did the 'real Vicki' go?

Tamra chairly defends her friend Heather, because well, hating on Heather was so last month, or something! "I have never known Heather to lie about anything and when she said Shannon frightened her a little I didn't understand where that came from? I believe she was referring to a conversation that we did not see?"

Finally, the one thing Tamra and Vicki are disagreeing over is Tamra's comments about Brooks being a bad guy. Now it's Tamra's turn to apologize, but she claims Vicki is twisting the situation. Oh really?

"I'm very upset with how Tamra talked crap on Brooks to Lizzie when to his face she says something different," Vicki complains. "I don't know why she continues to say one thing to other people, and then something else to him and I. I'm at the point where I have to do what's right for me and not care anymore what others think. Only I know what's right for my life, and just like I have continued to support Eddie and her, all I ask is for her to do the same with whatever and whomever I choose to date. It's getting 'old.' All I have to say is stay tuned, because things do change in upcoming episodes.

Tamra defends herself, reminding us that this episode was filmed many Dr. Moons ago! "I feel so bad about telling Lizzie that Brooks is not a good guy," a contrite Tamra writes. "Brooks and I are now in a different place and I wish I would have just kept my mouth shut and let her make her own decision. You will clearly see that as the season goes on that Brooks loves Vicki so much and that's what we all want for her."

Tamra must have read Vicki's blog after publishing her own, because she then lashed out at Vicki's critique on Facebook!

"I would like to address Vicki's comment about me being two-faced. At the time we filmed at Javier's I had not seen or heard from Brooks in a year. The last I had seen him was at the reunion when Briana dropped that bombshell info. As her FRIEND was I suppose to be happy that she is dating him after what I just heard? So ,saying I didn't think he was a good guy to Lizzy WAS NOT ME being two faced!"

Tamra further complained, "Since then I have seen him and we are on better terms, but at the time we were NOT! I just don't know why Vicki has to twist the truth?"

It's interesting that Vicki would care given that she's since moved on to a new man!

Tamra should know that they're supposed to comment on the episode as it happens, regardless of what's happening in present time. But you know, Tamra and Vicki love to 'fake' a friendship feud – as they do every. single. season. Next… 

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