Are Claudia Jordan And Demetria McKinney Joining Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

potential new rhea cast member claudia jordan and demetria mckinney

Real Housewives Of Atlanta is auditioning new potential cast members and Peter Thomas is spilling the beans on who! 

Claudia Jordan was spotted filming with Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey at the opening of Sports One in Charlotte, NC last week. “Bravo crew came out, Kenya, new girl Claudia, my wife, Kordell [Stewart]. We shot at the bar last night until 2 in the morning,” Peter revealed. “The two new girls are extremely beautiful, so there was a lot of chemistry in the house.”

The other potential newbie is Demetria McKinney, a singer and philanthropist and serious fashion-lover of the Marlo-vein (meaning over-the-top glam and big labels). Claudia, a former Miss Rhode Island, also competed in the Miss USA pageant and presently is a DJ for DishNetwork’s Rickey Smiley Show, where coincidentally Porsha Stewart also works.


It’s unclear if the new girls are replacing any of the current cast members or simply joining the cast as an addition Housewife or Friend of the Housewives. Porsha is reportedly on a week-to-week contract pending the amount of drama she brings, and despite rumors that Phaedra Parks will limit her role in the wake of Apollo’s sentencing, NeNe Leakes confirmed Phaedra will be back! And sources say she’s filming as much as ever. 

Now, let’s discuss the other new potential: Demetria. Demetria is an actress and singer. She appeared on House of Payne and other Tyler Perry productions. I’m sure you’re aware but Tyler Perry is NeNe’s bestbestbestbestbestbestbest friend in allllll the world. (Please note this is heavy sarcasm). Demetria also shares a connection with Kenya – but not a favorable one! Apparently Demetria is dating a man named Roger Bobb, whom Kenya was flirting rampantly with last year, and rumor has it he and Kenya “got intimate.”

According to Tamara Tattles, Roger, who is an executive producer for the Rickey Smiley Show, is presenting to be a very single and eligible Atlanta bachelor, while Demetria believes they are very together. And get this – Roger and Kenya are still flirting heavily with each other! Kenya and Demetria haven’t come face-to-face on camera yet, which means they’re filming separately as the seeds are sown for an epic showdown. 

So, it seems the powers that be are setting it up so Claudia will be Team Kenya (Team Twirl), since she was spotted filming in Charlotte, already and she is a former Celebrity Apprentice alum who recently helped Kenya out for a challenge during her stint as the “most horrible woman in the world” on that show.

And Demetria, of course, will be Team NeNe (Team Rich Bitch), given that she is NOT going to like Kenya pulling a Krayonce and getting cozy with her man. I’m sure she and Phaedra can bond about Ms. Whore-Moore, who if she is also flirting with Demetria’s man makes her Krayonce More-Of-A-Whore-Moore. Or something? I need vodka to deal with these girls. 

Hopefully either one of these girls will be better additions than the disastrous Mynique Smith and her Little Big Homie, who was brought on last season. Photos of Claudia hanging out with RHOA ladies are below!

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claudia jordan and kandi burruss rhoaClaudi and Kandi! 

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