Rumor Round-Up: Tamra Barney Faked Marital Tension; Too Boring For Real Housewives Of Orange County?

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Aaahhh – so many rumors, so little time! One might just wonder if this is all publicity for Real Housewives Of Orange County… 

Tamra Barney Judge has been at the center of nearly every single RHOC issue since she joined the show, but now comes rumors that she will be getting fired for causing fake drama and pissing off her boss Andy Cohen. And not only that, the source states that Bravo is tired of Tamra’s only relevance to the show being instigating outrageous (and offensive) fights between castmates!

Tamra stated on an episode of WWHL this year that she gets paid to play the “trouble maker” that she is! But are her paycheck days numbered? Not only that, are producers pushing her to come up with a storyline that shows her in a different light?


This season Tamra and husband Eddie Judge appeared to be having friction as they argued over having a baby and he seemed visibly distant from the relationship. Tamra claims he is actually over the show – and refused to attend the reunion despite being offered money. However a source insists Tamra and Eddie are just fine but faked their marital tension for a storyline because she doesn’t have much going on in her life.

“There are no problems between them,” a source tells OK! Magazine. “Tamra has been in the gym every day, and now that everything is running smoothly, she has decided to get back in to real estate.” And why would Tamra be focusing on so many outside jobs? 

A source shares that Tamra is delusional about how important she is to the show – and that deep down she is worried about her future with the show! “Tamra is so full of herself, she thinks that Bravo needs her and she can do and say whatever she wants because the network won’t fire her,” a source claims. “But, there are dozens of other train-wrecks in Orange County who are begging to join the reality TV show. Tamra Barney is a dime a dozen.”

The source adds that Tamra’s storyline options have “run dry.” In fact the only true drama in Tamra’s life comes from her family issues; her custody dispute with Simon (which she is not allowed to discuss on air) and her son Ryan Vieth and fiancé Sarah’s pregnancy! Tamra revealed this weekend that Ryan is expecting a daughter. 

Tamra is now pushing ‘My son is having a baby,’” reports a source. Stating that she’s hoping having something outside the inter-cast drama going on will help producers see her in a different light so she can have a more relaxed upcoming season. Right now Tamra is at odds with nearly her entire cast – even former BFF Vicki Gunvalson is tired of her lies!  And she has really crossed the line with her comments about Lizzie Rovsek‘s body

Additionally it seem Bravo is attempting to go in a more earnest – and honest – direction with the Real Housewives franchise which centers around real relationships between the cast mates and focuses more on their actual lives – instead of creating story lines to cause mayhem.

C’mon, Tamra isn’t getting fired – she’s a Real Housewives institution – and ratings were really good this season! RHOC and RHOA are the only franchises that had increased ratings as of late.

Tamra is not quitting even though she’s clearly frustrated with her ‘edit’ this season. Because of this I see Tamra taking a step back from causing so much terror next season – she saw what it’s like to be put on the spot. And it doesn’t hurt to change things up and install a new shit-stirrer (a spot it looks like Lizzie is being primed to take over!)

Oh – and Happy Birthday Tamra – she celebrates tomorrow! Maybe we should be nicer to her? Naaaahhh – because tonight is the second episode of the RHOC reunion. 

Tamra will face-off against Vicki and things get heated. Tamra also continues to face the onslaught from her castmates her blame her for manipulating and lying to cause problems this season! 

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