Did Melissa Gorga Get Her Bentley From A Scam Dealership?

melissa gorga red dress on whhl

Afzal “Bobby” Khan, who recently appeared on Real Housewives Of New Jersey discussing a repair bill for Melissa Gorga‘s borrowed Bentley has now had his dealership closed for shady dealings. Why am I NOT surprised?!

Bobby Khan, the owner of Emporio Motor Group in Ramsey, NJ, is being investigated on a consignment scam where he would offer to sell or lease owner’s high-end luxury vehicles in exchange for payment once the vehicle sold. Unfortunately he hasn’t been paying the owners what they are owed or transferring titles to discharge pre-existing car loans. 

On an earlier episode of RHONJ Melissa and Joe Gorga were seen meeting with Bobby at his dealership to discus the price of a Bentley repair. Later Melissa was shown giving Bobby a run-down of her advertising ideas for Poison’s trash truck business. No word on whether or not Bobby is an investor in this venture. 


Sources previously claimed Melissa and Joe were loaned the Bentley in exchange for promoting Bobby’s dealership on RHONJ – however it seems like Melissa is going to have return it, if she hasn’t already! The dealership was closed amid complaints from a group of car sellers who alleged Bobby sold their pre-owned Porsches, Bentleys, and BMWs but never paid them after the sales. 

As a result the state Motor Vehicles Commission suspended Emporio Motor Group‘s dealership license on Sept. 12. Presently the state Division of Consumer Affairs is investigating the complaints, along with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s office and the Ramsey Police Department.

Last year Melissa and fellow broke cast member Jacqueline Laurita attended the grand opening of Emporio and posed in front of expensive cars to promote Bobby’s business. No word on whether or not the RHONJ stars had a previous connection to him or were just there for the paid photo ops. 

“Emporio clients said they arranged for Khan to sell their luxury vehicles on ‘consignment,’ with no money changing hands until the cars were sold,” reports North Jersey.com. “They were later told that the vehicles had been sold, but the clients did not receive payment for them. In at least one case, a client is still paying off the car loan for a Porsche that Khan claimed to have sold, because the title is still in the client’s name. The client also hasn’t been paid by Khan.”

bobby khan - subject of dealership scam - appearing on RHONJ

Here’s Bobby appearing on RHONJ. 

SERIOUSLY! SERIOUSLY?! Is this a joke at this point? Is there a single person connected to RHONJ who is not a fraudster scam artist?! Bravo has to be doing this on purpose, because I refuse to believe every single person that lives in Bergen Co, NJ is breaking the law or being sleazy with money. I mean, I could be wrong… But at least if they do break the law there appears to be some phony attorneys ready to defend them! 


[Photo Credits: Bravo]