erica mean sports engagement ring at the bet hip hop awards

Things are finally looking up for Erica Mena, who just got engaged to Bow Wow and is ready to put the dramatics aside. Unfortunately she’s still starring on Love & Hip Hop which means ceasing the dramatics ain’t gonna happen!

Erica insists that she’s a changed woman who has found love who is at her “highest peak right now” and she wants support not negativity. ‘I am crazy! But, at the same time, I’m still a person. I was going through stuff,” she reveals of her past behavior. Which is why she’s one of a kind! “I think everyone’s trying to pull an Erica, but this is the thing, you can’t pull an Erica unless you’re Erica,” Erica complained about cheap imitation Ericas. 


Erica also talks tension with her castmates – and she’s tired of the double-standards! Case in point: Teairra Marí. Erica particularly takes issue with her main enemy for “acting turnt up,” which she feels is inauthentic, especially after Teairra bashed Erica in the past over such behaviors! “I kinda feel like they’re coming on too strong, and that’s [why] people get the feeling like it’s scripted. People aren’t really being themselves.”

Erica is also tired of the cast resorting to violence to solve problems. “The violence… there’s better ways to handle ourselves. Especially on television,” Erica explained to BE100Radio’s Rise & Grind Morning Show. “I doubt these Cali girls really be thumping out there like that. And I doubt these Cali girls really be popping their mouth – the ones that are on TV right now,” Erica adds of the fakeness of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

Erica also answered questions about being spotted in Times Square with Cyn Santana recently – despite being engaged! Erica explained that it was part of the L&HH storyline. “We’re in the process of shooting. That was me trying to figure out if, you know, one more round. Bow knows the situation and stick with me the whole time. I think he kinda knew that I wasn’t goin’ nowhere and he was just letting me figure it out on my own.” 

“I love who I want – openly, freely – and if you are the one, you are the one,” the openly bisexual Erica said in defense of her romantic past. “And now that I have the one this is another journey and chapter in my life that you guys get to kinda witness and be a part of.” Erica says she’s known Bow Wow since 2002, 

“It’s not for you to question, understand, or figure out the timing of when this happened for me,” Erica continued. “I’m just living my life how I want to. And part of being a real woman is seeing from a distance that I’m doing such things and you cheer me on.”

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