Amber and Jim Marchese

Once again, Amber Marchese has a lot to say about the latest episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Their trip has come to an end, and while it didn’t even compare to scary island, there was no shortage of drunken drama. Amber continues to blame Teresa Aprea and Dina Manzo for every single thing that went bad in Florida. Amber also thinks Dina‘s jealous of her great marriage.

“Florida… let me start by reminding you I was there to celebrate being five years cancer free! Did I ever mention that I was diagnosed with breast cancer? Just in case you missed it. We had just had one hell of a scare and I wanted to go to Florida to celebrate,” Amber shares. “Jim wanted to celebrate also, but was not at all happy about my choice of venue, but as a good hubby, he came along.”


Amber wonders, “how did the whole crazy thing get started?” Then she goes on about how much fun everyone was having until the alcohol kicked in. “We were really having a great time, but I think as with anything, too much alcohol is not always a good thing.”

“Best I could tell, Jim was busting on Bobby and complimenting the twins. I know Jim is ball buster and gives as good as he gets. He and Bobby had been friends for years and were having a great time, so when Bobby started with the faces and talk, Jim busted back in kind. Clearly, he struck a nerve, which set off a time bomb! Bobby got mad at Nicole.”

Teressa, feeling the need to defend her sister, got mad. Teressa started coming at Jim because of Bobby, not because of anything he said about Nicole or Teressa. Not sure why Teressa was defending Bobby… oh yeah, he was hiding in bathroom. In any case, Teressa and Jim emptied the largest bottle of vodka I have ever seen that night. So when the two clashed, it was not pretty.”

Amber continues to blame Teresa because she was mean to Jim. “When you see Jim pop up and call her uneducated, dumb bleep, she had already been attacking him with crude remarks. Bad move! If you notice, Jim is sitting on the couch when Teressa comes at him the last time, and no doubt was lying in wait. When Jim smirks, the sh– is going to hit the fan! He dropped the bomb.”

“I of course was so hammered that after he dropped the bomb, I went into crying mode, which was normal for me the last few months as I was emotional wreck due to my health. Then I smoked a cigarette, which is a big, BIG, stupid mistake. My father died of pancreatic cancer when I was 19 inside of three months – that along with my diagnosis should have kept me more in check. Did I over react? YES! Too much alcohol, the highly stressful situation, no food, not enough sleep, and coming off the scare of my test results really lowered my better judgment.”

Amber claims, “When Jim and I went up the stairs, he was laughing. Teressa was just as drunk and nasty, so he figured they would hug it out the next day. Jim viewed the Gotti thing as a stupid ‘mama joke’ and never gave it a moment of validity.” Um, rewrite history, much? Jim‘s said many times that he believes Santa and Rino slept together.

Just last month, Jim said, “Viewers will see later on in the season, there’s a little confrontation coming with myself and the twins and their reaction told me all I needed to know. Also, there are a lot of people from Brooklyn in our area and apparently Rino tells everybody everything from the Russian stripper pushing his kids on the swing to the relationship with Santa. He was blunt about it. If you would ask me, I’d say 90% I believe it’s true based upon everything I’ve heard and based on what Rino’s told me and based on what Bobby’s told me.”

Amber adds, “I am not going to lie, he also found humor in some payback – hey, he is Sicilian, under 5’ 8”, from Jersey, and trained as an attorney – am I the only one who saw it coming?”

Amber changes direction and focuses on Dina, who she thinks is jealous of her marriage. HAHAHA. Aren’t we all? HAHAHA.

“When I called and spoke to Dina to tell her that I was coming down because of my good test results, she should of relayed that to the group, not a doomsday message that set a negative tone. Worse, why didn’t Dina remind everyone we were celebrating my being five years cancer free after we had a scare? Certainly the group would have been happy for us instead of feeling tension when we came in.”

“The way Dina called me outside was shady. She loves to gossip, but pretends she does not gossip. In short, Dina caused tension due to her shady rumor gossip then didn’t tell anyone our good news. I am calling zen penalty foul since I feel Dina was protecting her friend and placing the fault squarely onto me. Dina feels needed when she causes bad sh–, and she enjoys it. Dina likes to cause trouble behind the scenes and then plays the healer with her spiritual love.”

Dina thinks she is all high and mighty, but in reality she has a cold heart that has displaced her anger due to her own personal heartaches. It is clear she is jealous that my husband loves and adores me, protects me and fights for me, while her husband doesn’t give her the attention she needs. I actually feel bad that she got to this level of anger and resentment. I pray she finds her true love, so she can get off my husband’s jock strap.”

Amber ends her blog, finally, with a few words about Joe and Teresa Giudice‘s sentencing. “On a sad note, my heart aches for Teresa, Joe, and her children. Jim and I’s thoughts and prayers are with Tre and Joe. I do not know Joe well, but I can see from the times I was at their home he is a good father and loving husband, and Teresa is an amazing mother. I really hope that you all just extend your well wishes and keep the nasty comments away.”


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