nene leakes defends teresa giudice saying she didn't understand guilty plea

During a WWHL interview earlier this week Teresa Giudice told Andy Cohen that she didn’t “fully understand” her guilty plea meant she was admitting guilt to federal fraud charges. Despite her claim, prosecutors for the US Attorney’s office say did understand, but as NeNe Leakes points out they don’t really know how Teresa operates… 

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star claims that she thought her lawyers were going to fight for her and she put her faith “in their hands” only to find herself going to prison for 15 months! Oops. Teresa claims she’s going to learn to read things from now on – starting, I hope, with the dictionary Kathy Wakile gave her where she can look up G – for guilty. 

The prosecutor’s office, however, insists that Teresa was very aware of what she was doing when she signed that plea. They do understand that the very basis of Teresa’s defense was that she signs her name to things she doesn’t read, right? Like, duh – who has time to read when you could shop! Or bedazzle something! Or flip tables! 


Teresa Giudice, like all defendants entering guilty pleas, stated under oath that she understood all of the terms of her plea agreement, including the possibility of prison and admitted — one at a time — to a series of 30 specific questions regarding her criminal activity,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Newark said in a statement, released by North

Additionally a transcript from courtroom proceedings relay that Judge Esther Salas confirmed with Teresa that she had the option to ask questions about things she didn’t understand – like perhaps what she was doing there receiving a sentence?! “What I want you to know is that if at any time you don’t understand a question or you want me to rephrase it, just let me know, raise your hand, or if you are confused about something and you want to confer with counsel, again, raise your hand,” the judge told Teresa, who answered that she understood. 

The judge also asked: “Before you signed that plea agreement did each of you read the plea agreement, from the very first page to the very last page of that agreement?” Both Teresa and Joe answered “Yes.”

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