Adrienne Maloof Dishes On Her Return To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills And Lisa Rinna!

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After getting publicly fired for skipping the reunion, Adrienne Maloof is back on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Adrienne will be returning as a ‘Friend of the Housewives’ to repair old relationships. Adrienne says she’ll be present in “cameo-roles throughout the season.” 

Adrienne shares that she needed exposure closure – and to settle some old scores. But this time she knows what she’s getting into! “I think I’m better equipped now to deal with what to expect from ‘Housewives,'” Adrienne explains. “I really wanted to come full circle and have some closure with the women. And the producers agreed, that’s a fantastic idea.” 


“Right now I’m at a better place in my life and the girls are my friends,” Adrienne adds. Also returning is Camille Grammer, who is also a ‘friend’ this season. Adrienne says the two are still friends and “talk on the phone quite a bit,” but they each returned for different reasons. Adrienne previously insisted she would only return for zillions of dollars – so did RHOBH shell out?

“I was a little nervous on the first day of shooting, which is to be expected,” Adrienne admits to Too Fab. “Some of the old feelings came back, so it was a little bittersweet. But overall, it was good to see all the ladies.” All the ladies? 

When Adrienne left the show she was feuding (and issuing Cease & Desist letters) to Brandi Glanville over a family secret being exposed, plus her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump had fallen apart over jealousy and a failed coup.

Shortly after Adrienne left RHOBH she also went through a very acrimonious divorce from Paul Nassif, which played into her fragile mental state while on the show. “I’ve been asked if the show was the cause of the divorce and I’d have to say that no it wasn’t … but it probably put it over the edge,” Adrienne acknowledges. “I think that it was already having issues and when you’re in the public eye and those issues are so explosive over the world, it’s very difficult to make a marriage work.”

Adrienne shares that she and Lisa are now on good terms. “We’ve been fine for a while. We’re all good.” Did they bond over Brandi bashing?! YES OF COURSE!

On to the other Lisa – Lisa Rinna apparently she incurred quite a bit of mayhem for her rookie season! “I love Lisa,” Adrienne says. “She’s not gonna put up with any shit.” 

Lisa reportedly has serious issues with Brandi, who causes problems with the veteran soap star over jealousy and makes accusations against Lisa’s long-time marriage to Harry Hamlin. “She’s really going to defend her family, and I respect her for that,” Adrienne reveals. “You’re going to see her in a combative way.” 

Adrienne won’t reveal who she had drama with, but it’s obvious she had issues with someone. “You’ll have to wait and see on that one,” she quipped. 

While she’s been on hiatus from reality TV, Adrienne has been promoting a plethora of products from jewelry, to vodka, to a hangover cure. Adrienne shares that her spring collection will be “all about karma.” Hmmm… wonder if that’s a reflection of what’s happening on RHOBH! And she’s also pr stuntin‘ dating much-younger hunnie Jacob Busch of the Anheiser-Busch fortune. 

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