Sonja Morgan Confirms RHONY Return! Plus, Was She Rude And Drunk To Molly Ringwald?

sonja morgan rude to molly ringwald? 

Real Housewives Of New York is filming again and Sonja Morgan is up to her old boozy shenanigans! 

Last night Sonja attended an exclusive cabaret show at Café Carlyle for a performance by actress Molly Ringwald. At $600 per ticket, one might expect class – or not! Sonja reportedly showed up wasted, violated dress code, and behaved sloppily, report other attendees. 

Witnesses claim that Sonja was seated front and center and paid more attention to her cell phone than the performance. And that she was drunk as a skunk upon arrival – only worsened by her “martini-swilling” throughout the evening.  Lord let’s just be thankful she kept all her clothes on and her legs closed, or didn’t hop up on stage to perform her own “Caburlesque” nonsense. 

From her table surround by male attendants (who is she Lady Gaga now?) Sonja was talking loudly throughout Molly’s act and spent the evening texting and tweeting on her phone. “Sonja seemed completely bombed,” says a witness of Sonja’s attention-seeking. “She had about five men at the table and they were all chatting throughout. She drunkenly asked to meet Molly, who declined.”


Were the INTERNS there?!?! Earning college credit in how to obtain free booze after flashing your way into a high-priced event?! (OK – I made that up.)

Apparently Sonja was so unruly Molly herself had to chastise the Housewife! Molly “had to ask [Morgan] to please put her phone away, as she was tweeting and emailing during the whole show,” the witness told Page Six.

Sonja’s attention seeking didn’t stop there! “During the set, [Sonja] loudly announced herself to Molly — and all the other guests — as ‘Sonja from the ‘Real Housewives,’ ” the repulsed audience member revealed. “Molly seemed baffled and unimpressed.”

Molly acted like a pro the whole time, but you could tell she was annoyed, as were other patrons,” adds the witness. “For a $600 evening for two people, the Carlyle should have kicked her out. And she wore jeans! To the Carlyle!” SONJA WORE JEANS! TO THE CARLYLE!

Is that more or less appropriate than throwing your prosthetic leg across Le Cirque? Because we all know Team Sonja operates according to their own rules, which may or may not include having a custom-made denim engineer create jeans from cotton developed by yak fur and dyed using the tail of a mermaid, and Sonja will soon be selling them as one of her exploding businesses for $9,200 per pair, but they’re only available in Kazakhstan. 

Anyway, of course, Sonja denies all of this. She insists she had only two drinks that she recalls before blacking out one prior to the show, and one at the show. Second of all she finds wearing jeans to be perfectly acceptable because once, 250 years ago, Valentino’s ancestor of the Queens Valentinios told her jeans are their own neutrality. 

“I was wearing my favorite jeans. I wore jeans to Fashion Week once with a leather top and Hermès bag and a scarf, and it got picked up everywhere.” Sonja huffed. Picked up, meaning like picked up off the floor from a drunken stupor?  

Finally, Sonja claims Molly addressed her first, and Sonja only then did Sonja dare speak to her then. As for the cell phone, she was merely charging it! “I was not tweeting or texting, my phone was on the charger on the table,” Sonja insists. “Molly said, ‘What is that thing lighting up on your table there?’” Morgan said her charger has small lights that light up and draw attention. But, she said, “Everything was totally cool.”

Molly’s rep did not reply. Instead they leaked this story about what really happened. 

Sonja also confirmed she was filming for RHONY,  which explains how Sonja got invited in the first place! Filming for the seventh season began this week, and is said to include everyone but Aviva Drescher and a possibly demoted Ramona Singer – plus they’re in the process of adding a new lady, or Bethenny Frankel, although Bethenny denies this

In other news Sonja tweeted about a movie she produced. “My film #TheMarsh is available on @iTunesMovies, check it out this weekend! #RHONY,” she tweeted. IMDB confirms that the 2006 movie was in part produced by Sonja Productions. If you recall, Sonja is in bankruptcy because of a production deal gone wrong with a different Sonja Productions film. 

sonja morgan movie 'the marsh'

[Photo Credit:  Derrick Salters/ & twitter]