Dina Manzo Says Kathy Wakile Isn’t As Sweet As She Seems! Plus, Did Dina Move To NYC?

dina manzi appears on wwhl tan sweater

It’s no secret that Dina Manzo regrets her decision to return to Real Housewives Of New Jersey. I mean doh – RHONJ and Zen like don’t match! Defending her friend Teresa Giudice (and defending herself against twitterholic family members and their co-conspirators), Dina said Kathy Wakile is just not that sweet on the WWHL Aftershow! 

Discussing DICKtionaryGate between Kathy and Teresa, Dina admits she initially thought Teresa was being ridiculous and should just accept Kathy’s apology. But now that Dina knows Kathy a little better… and has seen how Kathy is behaving with Jacqueline Laurita (i.e. using each other for camera time and filming reactions Teresa’s sentencing), Dina has changed her mind. Now she seems to imply that Kathy is manipulative and scheming just like everyone else on RHONJ


“At the time I actually liked Kathy, but my opinion has changed a little bit since… Just seeing more of how some people work,” Dina explained to Andy Cohen. “I don’t think she’s a horrible person but I don’t think she’s as sweet as… First of all there’s a way to go about Teresa and what’s going on with her and not hurt her. And then there’s a way…” What is Dina now like the bonafide expert on all things Tre? Probably wouldn’t want that title… 

Kathy, of course, could not stay off twitter for a hot half a second – like less time than it would take me to eat a cannoli – and responded by calling Dina a hypocrite. “Just watching #wwhl after show and I’m cracking up!!” Kathy tweeted. “I find hypocrisy and irony extremely comical!!” Oh my… seems like Kathy really, really wants to be back on RHONJ as Boozeline’s buddy no 1. Again, not a title I would want…  Although yes, being on RHONJ and spouting about zen is comical! 

I do have a quick question however, does anyone on RHONJ expect us to believe they have JOBS when alllllllllll they do is tweet?! That’s what’s comical to me. 

In other news, has Dina moved out of Tommy Manzo‘s NJ mansion and set up shop in her own NYC apartment?! Where will she fit all the hairless cats? Or leopard shoes? Dina was struggling to move on and finalize her divorce this season. The exes seem to remain separated

Dina’s daughter Lexi attends Fordham and Dina has been spending a lot of time there. Dina posted a couple instagram photos of her “apartment” and having NYC moments. 

dina manzo nyc apartment

“My apartment is so peaceful & pleasant today…,” Dina shared. 

dina manzo moves to nyc following separation from tommy?

“Happy little #NYC moment. If I had a pen & paper on me I would leave them a note to thank them!” 

Well I guess Dina really is done with RHONJ! Except for Teresa, she told Andy they are closer than ever and she would definitely visit Teresa in the slammer if Teresa will let her. 


[Photo Credits: Bravo & Instagram]