Kenya Moore Believes She And Phaedra Parks Can Be Friends Someday!


Sometimes delusion works in one’s favor. Like when you believe that a woman you’ve spent 3 seasons of Real Housewives Of Atlanta making your enemy will suddenly want to be your friend. That’s right – Kenya Moore believes she and Phaedra Parks can be friends. Whatever – I mean, that’s better than believing you can sing and actually putting the efforts on iTunes! 

Anyway, Kenya is all about redemption this season and that means moving forward with all the people who have done her wrong – Phaedra included! After last season’s traumatic reunion, Kenya said it really took a lot for her return to the show. And by a lot, I imagine one phone call from Bravo. 

“I had to really weigh the options; is this worth it? I went through a terrible time after the reunion, and I had to just reevaluate the situation,” Kenya says. “I asked myself a lot of questions. I had a lot of questions and conversations with the production company, with Bravo, and we got to a really good place; and that’s why I’m back.”



I love how Kenya has exonerated herself from any culpability  – like she hasn’t been provoking and provoking and being mean and nasty and threatening violence (against both Porsha during her first season on RHOA and against a pregnant Phaedra during a reunion) since day 1. She has given more low blows than an underwater earthquake and now she’s all, ‘Woe is me – everybody was mean without reason!’ Girl – take that fake butt and have a seat.  

Moving on, like I suppose we all should, because it’s a new season and a new day, and Lord knows we don’t need to continuously beat a dead stallion or donkey booty, Kenya is hoping she can forge new relationships with her co-stars, because she has learned from her mistakes! 

And one thing she’s learned is to keep herself and her opinions out of someone else’s marriage. At the end of the day, Kenya can thank Apollo Nida for teaching her that. Hey – he’s done something worthwhile besides look fine! 

“I think I learned my lesson a little bit; I try to stay out of that relationship,” Kenya admitted to Pix 11 Morning News. “With that situation – with Apollo going to jail, they have two small children – so that’s really tough to watch.” 

But Kenya is hopeful that she and Phaedra can find some common ground – besides Apollo, of course. “We started out as friends and I hope, one day, we’ll get back to that point.” Kenya and Phaedra recently travelled to the Philippines for a cast trip and we didn’t hear of anyone dying, so maybe there is hope! 

Surprisingly Kenya is optimistic that NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey can also mend their relationship. “I just think there’s some outstanding issues there and they have to resolve them. And in their way, they will.” 

Of course, Kenya also teased us on another familiar subject – her ever-revolving mystery men! Kenya says this time he might just make an appearance. “There is someone – you have to watch! I am very happy,” she grinned. And this time it’s the real-deal. “No ring yet – we’ll see…” Hilarious the hostess threw some shade and asked if this relationship was real, and Kenya’s facade fell for a second, and when she responded, “It’s always been real.” Um… riiiiight. 

Well, as always Kenya, thanks for keeping it interesting!


[Photo Credit: Brian To/]