george blames carole radziwill for aviva drescher's firing on rhony

You would think since Aviva Drescher has moved on to a new reality show, she’d let go of all the drama from Real Housewives Of New York and toss it aside like yesterday’s leg news – not so! Her notorious father George Teichner is still reeling from Aviva’s firing – and blaming Carole Radziwill as the reason she got the axe! 

“The whole show is a phony!” George laments. “It is not comprised of real housewives. It should be called Divorced Housewives, Single Housewives or Non-Resident Housewives.”

George claims that it was Aviva who brought in all the ratings last season! Wait, I thought that was Ramonja? “They should have never let Aviva go,” George complains. “The ratings were at 2 million, then down to 1.3 million. And the only reason the ratings went up recently is because Aviva threw her leg.”


George seems to believe that the wily Carole is offering Andy Cohen a lil’ somein-somein’ and that’s how she was able to convince him to fire Aviva. 

“The reason Aviva is gone is because of Carole’s love affair with Andy,” George ranted. “I mean, not really. He would throw up if he saw p***y.”

“He’s doing nothing but making big mistakes,” George continued to Radar Online. “Obviously, Andy Cohen doesn’t know what he’s doing or he’s just played out. He just doesn’t have any balls.” Oh – so that’s the real reason he and Carole can’t have an affair then… Got it!

George clarifies that he thinks Carole was afraid of Aviva, and that he does “love” Andy, but he’s lost his touch. “The tension was between Aviva and Carole, who’s best friends with Andy,” George elaborated. “I love Andy Cohen — he’s a great guy. But in relation to the show, he’s lost it.”

Moving on George also rips the rest of the Housewives cast! “They’re bringing the same people back to fight with each other again and they never see each other again! It’s a joke, but you can’t fool the public.”

“They’re bringing back the phony countess,” George said of LuAnn de Lesseps. “What makes her a countess?” As for Ramona Singer – she’s just another has-been, giving credence to rumors that she is being demoted for refusing to air her divorce storyline. “Ramona’s time has been limited,” George snapped.  

Moving onto the rumors that Bethenny Frankel is returning. “They should have brought [my wife] Dana on as a housewife instead of Bethenny and rehashing the past,” George scoffs. 

So let’s get this straight: According to George, Aviva’s firing had nothing at all to do with her being a complete narcissistic diva, who was difficult to work with, and potentially exposed Bravo to a slander suit for the libelous accusations she made on screen and in interviews regarding Carole’s book being ghostwritten? And it has nothing to do with the fact that no one got along with her at all! And it also has nothing to do with the vile and deplorably offensive comments Aviva’s father George made to other members of the cast (not to mention the inappropriate groping!)? Yeah, these Dreschers – they really can’t take accountability. One might even wonder if they’re related to those Giudices?!

Oh – and George claims that he and Cody are also in the process of potentially doing a reality show. “Several production companies are also coming after Dana for her own show centered around her nail salon and our marriage,” George bragged. “So we’ll bring the ratings with us.”

Andy and Carole responded to the rumors that they are involved in a hot affair, and laughed-off George’s interview as nonsense. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.52.50 AM

“I gotta get my head outta this Guidice news and focus on my affair!” Andy joked back. 

Of course, most of what George says is utterly laughable, but I do think he makes a good point about bringing back the same cast – and recycling Housewives – to rehash the same arguments. And I do think he makes a point about them needing to shake the cast up. Personally, I do not think Bethenny will return, maybe in one episode in a guest role, but I do think they need to add some diversity and excitement to this cast.

As we know adding previously deleted Housewives doesn’t seem to be doing the trick for ratings in other franchises. Ahem… #RHONJ 

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