Is Lisa Vanderpump Annoyed With Ungrateful Stassi Schroeder? Vanderpump Rules Cast Denies Low Salary!


After all Lisa Vanderpump has done for ungrateful little wench Stassi Schroeder, she is furious that the former waitress turned wannabe grownup is insulting both her and SUR!

I don’t know why Lisa is surprised that Stassi is a self-righteous, egotistical, entitled brat – she’s been like that from her first minutes on Vanderpump Rules, but this season as Stassi has no storyline and is basically just roaming around the streets of LA interjecting into matters of SURver’s hearts for camera time, and Stassi is still complaining! Well, in fairness she doesn’t really have much else to do… except for that invisible boyfriend! 

Lisa recently commented on Stassi having a hard time accepting that she’s no longer relevant at SUR. “I think Stassi’s attidue is slightly ridiculous. I mean she comes in here now like Grace Kelly,” she said in her vlog. “Just a year ago, these were her best friends. She was the leader of this pack and suddenly not one of them is good enough for her?”


“But I don’t think Stassi’s quite ready to let that position go,” Lisa added. “Even though she doesn’t work there, she still wants to make her presence felt.”

Responding, Stassi called Lisa an “old woman” who needs to get over herself! “I still love SUR. I love going into SUR. I still have so many friends there that just aren’t on the show. I grew up there a little bit,” Stassi snapped. 

She admitted that she and Lisa aren’t really getting along that well as a result of all the complaints and negative comments Stassi made when Lisa hired her as her stylist on the show. ” [Lisa], like, doesn’t like me. I don’t understand what her problem is,” Stassi complained on a Sirius Radio interview. “[She’s] like an old woman, why does [she] care what I’m doing?” Ummm… maybe because you’re doing it at her restaurant?!

According to sources Lisa heard the interview and is pissed! “Lisa feels that Stassi has no loyalty what so ever. She’s provided all these wonderful opportunities for her and doesn’t get a thank you,” a source tells PerezHilton.

Even worse, it’s not just Lisa who feels Stassi needs to move on. “The entire cast dreads filming with her and on many occasions have refused to film with her.”  I guess Stassi can kiss that spinoff goodbye! And I guess Stassi got SURved!

Moving on, a recent report claimed Bravo was paying the cast of VPR “peanuts” to keep them working class and trashy enough so the show didn’t lose it’s luster. Judging by the apartments and fashions we’ve seen on the show, I’d believe they’re paid very little, but Scheana Marie Almost Famous and Lisa both dismissed the alleged $5,000 per episode claim as untrue. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 2.29.45 PM

Lisa seconded that saying the cast makes MUCH more than the report stated! “@scheanamarie @tmz waaaayyyy more…guys get it right!” If that’s the case, why are they so… grubby?


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