Scheana Marie Doesn’t Think She’s Responsible For Drama; Thinks Stassi Schroeder Is Jealous Of Her!

scheana marie and stassi schroeder

Scheana Marie just always hopes things will different. She just always hopes that her lovely co-stars on Vanderpump Rules will be better people than they are … you know sort of like she is! And Scheana is great – so great Stassi Schroeder is jealous of all the amazing things happening in her life. Definitely jealous of her singing career

Stassi has outgrown everyone now, but Scheana, bless her heart, doesn’t understand what happened – Stassi used like her, right?! Wrong – what happened was that Stassi never liked Scheana or cared about her – but Scheana just doesn’t get it. She just wonders if Stassi wants her life?!

“I would never want to say that someone’s jealous of me and sound conceited but I think that everything I’m getting in my life right now is what she’s looking for,” Scheana explains. “So I think she’s maybe jealous of where my life’s going because she wants nothing more than to get married and have babies and have that happy life.” I think Stassi is just jealous of Shay, that magical, majestical manlump. 


Scheana says her engagement is where things started going wrong with Stassi! “I had asked her to be a part of my wedding and then it was just every time I reached out to her—not even a text back,” she recalls. “The distance kept growing and then the day that Kristen and I made up, she wanted nothing to do with me anymore.”

“I started hearing stories of things that Stassi was making fun of me about, like, my engagement and saying like, ‘Oh, we should all wear like really big diamond rings and go to Scheana’s engagement party and like outshine her’ and like do the best to ruin my engagement party,” Scheana recounts to Gossip Girl. “So, just hearing like all these little things I’m like, ‘Dude, you’re a shitty friend.’ We were so close the year before, I was considering having her be one of my maids of honor.” 

Welp, how the might have fallen because Stassi went from shortlist of MAIDS of honor to not even attending the wedding! Scheana says married life is good and there are neither spinoffs or babies in her future. “I wouldn’t want to be with someone like a Jax [Taylor], who I would butt heads with all the time and fight over attention and all of that,” she shades. She explains that she and Shay “balance each other out very well.” Yes – he is mute and practically invisible, she is histrionic and attention-seeking. 

Unfortunately, despite Scheana’s best intentions to be the peace-maker, she resents that there is always drama at Scheana’s events – fights at her engagement parties, her birthday parties, and even her wedding! Such is the price one pays for being almost famous. 

Scheana chocks it up to not being able to choose sides, but knowing a lot of assholes. “I invite everyone and even if they don’t like each other, I always just think, ‘You know, maybe they can come together for just one night for me?’ And it’s just one thing after another. I’m like, ‘When is this going to stop? When can I just have a happy party? Or wedding?’ No, it doesn’t happen with this group.”

Scheana’s takeaway message: “I’m not gonna stop having birthday parties, I’m just gonna stop inviting assholes.” Or stop filming your events for reality TV. Just kidding – I LOVE Vanderpump Rules, don’t you ever take it away from me Bravo! 

* I joke, but I think Stassi looks lovely and she is too hard on herself. 


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