Tom Sandoval Wants To Marry Ariana Madix; Stassi Schroeder Talks Loving Reality TV!

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Is there another Vanderpump Rules wedding in our future? Tom Sandoval recently revealed that he wants to marry his girlfriend Ariana Madix! 

“I cannot imagine my life without Ariana,” Tom 1 gushed. “It’s just explosive happiness for me on a daily basis.” I imagine degrading hell on daily basis was how he defined his previous relationship to Kristen Doute

Tom 1 reveals that he and Ariana have discussed marriage and it’s a strong possibility for the couple who has been together about a year. Somewhere Kristen is impaling herself on a curling iron or a stiletto heel. You know she’ll crash that wedding! 


“We’ve talked about [marriage],” Tom shares with Life & Style, saying he definitely wants to marry Ariana in the future. “I have very strong feelings for her.” 

In other news rumors of a Stassi Schroeder spinoff are still a possibility. Stassi admitted that she’s tired of the immature drama of her current reality show, although she loves participating in reality TV! Stassi whose presence this season is pretty much non-mother f&*king factor, says she hopes to continue on TV, just you know in a show that focuses only on herself and her amazingness!

“I love filming,” Stassi told The Wrap. She says she decided to return this season because she was back in LA anyway and thought, “Why not show people where I’m at now? I had to say yes.” Stassi says this season she attempts to play the role of the adult, you know, since she lived on her own in NYC for a whole 6 months. “I try to give advice, but they just don’t want to hear it,” she laughs. 

Adding that she’d totally be interested in a spinoff that wasn’t about interpersonal drama. “If it was something like [focusing on fashion], that would be great. I’m not really about the cheating scandals and relationship drama anymore,” Stassi explained. “I love Bravo, I love the shows – SUR restaurant, it’s just kind of toxic.” Sounds like someone is trying to convince Bravo to offer her show, but she played coy when asked directly if there was a spinoff in the works.

Stassi also commented on her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jax Taylor. “We just don’t talk,” she said. “There’s no reason.” Stassi is also relieved that Jax covered up the tattoo of her name. “I just love the black rose – it’s so fitting,” she quipped. 

Stassi also discussed her current relationship with Lisa Vanderpump. “I hear she has a problem with me, and I never really know why. I respect her a lot as a businesswoman; she’s taught me a lot and given me a lot of opportunities and I’m thankful for that.” Um… cause you’re clueless and self-absorbed? 

Stassi has also started her own line of statement necklaces, which are available now. 

Tonight is a brand new episode of Vanderpump Rules and it’s payback time for Kristen! She accuses  Tom 2 of cheating on his girlfriend Katie – and Katie is shocked to learn the results. Meanwhile Lisa hosts a ’50 Gay Mayors’ event and things do not go as planned! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting, so make sure to join us! 


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