Kristen Doute Says The Crazy Is “100 Percent Real” On Vanderpump Rules!

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We can always count Vanderpump Rules for drama. At the center of the crazy is almost always Kristen Doute, but moving into the forefront this season is Katie Maloney. Despite the backlash, Kristen isn’t backing down from admitting the insanity – yeah, it’s real and authentic! 

While home for the holidays, Kristen appeared on a local news show, wearing what can only be explained as dressing drunk, and she talked about how this season has been going and her advice for dealing with difficult work environments (don’t let your ex’s current girlfriend work with you too!). 

Kristen says one thing that makes filming the show so stressful is the the public knows where to find them, because as part of appearing on the show they must actually work at SUR! And that’s not the only thing that’s real – all of the drama is authentic too. 


“A lot of reality shows are a little bit scripted, but ours is 100 percent real,” Kristen insists. That’s probably because everyone on VPR is 100% crazy. “Obviously it is edited,” Kristen continues. “I’m not always a fan of the editing, but everything that comes out of my mouth – came out of my mouth.”

Despite all the feuding, stalking, and cheating scandals that have already unraveled, things are about to get much, much crazier! “We’re just scratching the surface of the drama,” Kristen says of what to expect this season. “It’s about to get really intense.”  She does admit to having some regrets, but hey – at least she gets to promote her new t-shirt line out of the deal!

Moving along, Katie’s personal life is imploding on film as she deals with Stassi Schroeder‘s meddling and Tom Schwartz‘s cheating. Luckily Katie has Lisa Vanderpump to turn to for advice!

“I felt like my friends were being maybe a little biased and selfish with their advice, so it was really nice,” Katie said of opening up to Lisa last week. “I felt a wave of relief after I talked to her. She wasn’t pushing me one way or the other, she understood that I love Tom and I really want this to work out.”

Katie also agrees with Ariana Madix that Stassi and Jax Taylor were both inadvertently working to sabotage her relationship with Tom 2. “I don’t think either of them would agree with that and I didn’t necessarily think about that at the time,” Katie reflects. And she blames Stassi for her becoming a target at SUR!

“Once Stassi got back into town, everyone started treating me differently. We were all ignoring each other for a while and then Stassi came back and a dust storm kicked up and people just started talking out of nowhere,” Katie admits to Wetpaint. “Normally when something happens they’re talking about it when it happens they’re not waiting for months in silence and then talking about it.”

Katie says cheating story seemed like “a convenient thing” to cause problems and break her and Tom 2 up; propagated by Kristen wanting to take the heat off herself. “Kristen wanted to prove that everyone is just as bad as her so she was supporting any negative thing being said,” Katie continues. “They knew the one about me was so flimsy and it wouldn’t stick,” she says of being accused of motorboating. 

Despite everyone trying to break them up, Katie assures us she is still very much together with Tom 2. And she hopes to be engaged “within the next year or so.” Good luck with that! 

Tonight is a new episode of VPR and Scheana decides to extend an olive branch to Stassi and Katie by inviting them to he bachelorette party. It does not go well. 

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