Katie Maloney Reveals Jax Taylor And Tom Schwartz Are Still Friends; Defends Stassi Schroeder!

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Katie Maloney recently did a Reddit Ask Me Anything where she answered questions about Vanderpump Rules, her complicated friendship with Stassi Schroeder, and how she feels about Tom Schwartz remaining friends with Jax Taylor despite his role in their cheating drama. 

First up, Katie tackled the confounding matter of Kristen “Kritter” Doute and the little train of crazy that keeps gaining steam. Katie says contrary to what Kristen believes, she doesn’t hate her over cheating scandals – it’s just everything else about her personality that sucks!

“I’m not holding a grudge or punishing Kristen for sleeping with Jax. Kristen really did make our lives hell at times, it was just not good. Unfortunately you don’t get to see all of that,” Katie explains. “I know that Kristen was hurt at the end of her and Tom [Sandoval]‘s relationship. I don’t think she was taking into consideration her part of the deterioration. I think that Tom is absolutely happy with Ariana and Kristen should try to find that for herself.” 


As for Kristen claiming that she is soooo happy in love with James Kennedy, Katie thinks James is immature and being used by Kristen! “When I first met James, he just seemed like this really young kid? Just very young. I can’t say young enough,” Katie describes. “I think… he’s confused. I think he’s in a little over his head.” 

Moving on to Jax and his relationships with the Toms and to Katie, she admits none of it makes sense! Jax and The Toms “are very, very close. I don’t think they’re as close as they USED to be, obviously, but they are good friends. I think my Tom and other Tom are more like brothers.” 

Katie says that although she’s annoyed at Jax for starting the cheating rumor, it was a bit of a blessing in disguise – and yes, she and Tom 2 are still together! “I think these rumors and him coming clean about cheating on me opened up the floor to talk about issues that we had that we weren’t dealing with. So in doing so, we definitely have been working on our relationship and it has made it stronger.” 

“I didn’t want Jax to be the reason that I leave my boyfriend,” Katie continues. Tom 2 “and I were able to compromise on him maintaining a friendship with Jax but that he would never interfere again.” 

Of course, Katie got asked a zillion questions about Stassi. Basically, yes, they’re still friends; yes, Katie thinks Stassi sucks, but sort of like Tom 2 can’t let go of Jax, Katie can’t let go of Stassi. Oh co-dependence. Katie insists there’s much more to Stassi than we see on the show

Stassi “really CAN be selfish, and bitchy, and stubborn, and that can be difficult to deal with at times, especially because i’m the complete opposite,” Katie acknowledges. “I let Stassi say what she wants to say, because otherwise it’s like a fight. I don’t take a lot of her bossiness with much severity. Stassi does mean well.”

As for Stassi and Kristina interfering in her relationship with Tom 2, Katie admits it’s a “sensitive subject” that will continue to be an issue throughout the season. “They feel more black & white about Jax, about some of the other people that we work with,” Katie says. “They more or less took advantage of the situation I was in to really lay into me about it.” 

Katie also says she and Scheana Marie are now friends. Which probably has a lot to do with Tom 1 dating Ariana. “I’ve had my moments where I’ve been EXTREMELY annoyed by Scheana,” Katie reveals, admitting they can all be “obnoxious” at times. “I don’t think it’s how she is in general.” 

Reacting to all the negativity this season, Katie believes everyone has gotten into a toxic cesspool that’s really unhealthy. “My opinion right now is that a lot of the people on the show are really going out of their way to badmouth one another, and I get that a lot of stuff on the show happens, and people feel hurt or victimized or whatever it may be, but I say if you don’t have anything nice to say about somebody don’t say anything,” she advises. 

“I don’t ever blame editing for anything, because the problem is they have to tell the most fascinating story that they can,” Katie adds “And that can’t include everything that we film. So yea, it’s sort of condensed. You’re not necessarily seeing EVERYTHING around a situation.”

Katie maintains they all still work at SUR, but mostly part-time. “We all can’t be there every night, especially because so many people work at SUR and not all of them are on the show,” Katie explains. “Also, when we’re filming, that keeps us really busy. But we still work there, no doubt. Sometimes you might see all of us, or none of us.” 

As for what to expect for the rest of the season, “The best is still to come,” Katie teases. You can read all of Katie’s answers on her Reddit Thread. 

Tonight on Vanderpump Rules, Kristen continues to obsess over Tom 1 and confronts him at work with James by her side. Jax attempts to pursue new hostess Vail despite having a girlfriend. Katie and Tom 2 go to couples counseling. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting!


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