Kenya Moore On Phaedra Parks And NeNe Leakes: “You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig But It’s Still A Pig”

Real Housewives of Atlanta

It would be an understatement to say Kenya Moore blasted her co-stars in her Real Housewives of Atlanta blog. She held nothing back. I’ve already voiced my opinion on the latest episode here and here so I will get right to it. Kenya called out Phaedra Parks for belittling Demetria McKinney and NeNe Leakes for attacking Claudia Jordan. But first, some humor and a compliment… 

Kenya titled her first blurb DISRESPECTFUL FEET. “I am a supportive friend and was happy to accompany Claudia to the podiatrist. BUT… I was not prepared for those disrespectful feet! I tried not to make direct eye contact with them, but they kept acting up!!  Seriously, CJ and I have been cool for over 20 years, and we can laugh together. We don’t take things too seriously.”


Kenya applauded Kandi Burruss and Demetria‘s mutual respect. “SOUL SISTERS: It was nice to see Demetria respect Kandi’s accomplishments. She clearly admires Kandi, and it was refreshing to see them have an honest conversation about love, life, and careers. It’s good to see sisters support each other. The juxtaposition between the meeting Demetria had with Kandi and the meeting at the studio with NeNe was glaring.”

Next, Kenya slammed Phaedra for ignoring the “sisters supporting each other” memo. “Phaedra made it her mission to belittle, degrade, and utterly humiliate Demetria in every way imaginable. Phaedra attacked her aspirations of becoming a pop singer at her age, she ridiculed her for wasting her time with Roger after 8 years, and she asked her if she was a crack head because she played one on TV. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Apollo say Phaedra was visiting him at 3AM at a halfway house while he was still wearing his ankle bracelet? And then didn’t she get pregnant, get married, and then lie about her due date? #byefelecia”

BEAUTY VERSUS THE BEASTS: “I was sickened to my stomach to watch the beasts behave the way they did at dinner. They were completely disrespectful toward Demetria, even though she was gracious enough to invite them. Their rude side remarks, their nasty digs, and their blatant shade are all indicative of beastly behavior. Demetria was sweet and tried to be open to new friendships. After all, she invited us all to Puerto Rico!”

Kenya said “the beasts” were in competition to out “boar” each other at dinner. “NeNe was very pleasant to Demetria at the studio, yet took pride in mocking her singing career and aspirations by asking where she could go to a studio so she can get on iTunes to her face. And let’s not forget how she pounced on Cynthia for trying to keep the peace by asking Phaedra to simply apologize if she did not mean to be insulting toward Demetria. This is a group of uncouth heathens let loose to terrorize anyone they feel are vulnerable.”

Kenya called out NeNe‘s hypocrisy. “Just two seasons ago NeNe was telling Phaedra you can’t win by being dirty, yet they are behaving like two pigs rolling around in the mud. It shows you can put lipstick on a pig (or moose), but it’s still a pig. They both like to be dirty.”

Then, Kenya broke down the loud and hateful exchange between Claudia and NeNe. “WHEN BEASTS ATTACK: NeNe spent the entire time trying to instigate a fight; Claudia just took the bait. Clearly no one can control Claudia or her mouth, and NeNe found that out the hard way. She proceeded to attack Claudia’s character based on rumors. However, NeNe admits she’s been arrested and did anything she could (including take her clothes off) for money. Didn’t Gregg leave his wife for NeNe? Yet Claudia is the whore? Right. These venomous attacks on one’s character from those living in glass houses should end. Keep watching as one by one all the beasts will be exposed and the truth of who they are will be revealed.”

Last, Kenya plugged her stint on Celebrity Apprentice. “On another note, thank you so much for supporting me on Celebrity Apprentice. The ratings are incredible thanks to you and your support. See you this Sunday night for the epic conclusion! And catch Celebrity Apprentice Monday at 8/7c, when the late Joan Rivers makes her final TV appearance.”


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