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NeNe Leakes never hesitates to remind us that she is The ORIGINAL Krispy Wigged Real Housewife Of Atlanta and she has seen (and survived it all) but with this season being the most vitriolic and upsetting yet, rumor has it NeNe is on her way out of the series that made her famous. 

“I’ve never felt I needed to do anything but be me,” NeNe brags. “And I simply remained me throughout every season. I’ve outlived people – and I’ve even outlived executive producers! Shade, honey – catch it!” 

Last week NeNe threatened co-stars Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan with legal action by sending them Cease and Desist letters. “It’s legal so I can’t go into details, but I did send them out,” she states candidly. 


“We are on a reality show where we do throw shade, we do talk about each other, we do sling mud, but when it becomes malicious and when it becomes evil and it becomes a whole lot of bashing where you are crossing the line, that is where I draw the line,” NeNe quipped to the Ryan Carr Morning Show. “Believe me – I mean everything that I’m saying. They have gone too far and they have crossed the line. It is a reality show, but there are points where it doesn’t need to go that far.”

 “All of these girls are claiming that they’ve been in the business for 150 years, they are sooooo famous, then you surely do not have the time to be evil and malicious. Go attend to your business.” And that is NeNe’s issue with these girls – they are too focused on creating storylines and aren’t being authentic. 

Her secret to her success on reality TV is that she’s always been NeNe – and never created anything for a storyline. Except her divorce. “My advice would be to come on this show and be you and not try to be me!” she instructs. “Stay in your lane! I think people like to get on and they like to switch. You know, ‘I’m gonna get over here and do this because it might work for me. And I’m gonna go over there and do that…  And it doesn’t work like that.” 

“There’s definitely cast members who feel they need to amp it up. There’s cast members who feel they need to speak up and change,” NeNe says. “There’s a lot of cast members who feel they need to create storylines. NeNe points to Cynthia Bailey breaking up their friendship for a new storyline. “When the cameras weren’t on, I personally thought we had a great relationship.” 

“Maybe I was wrong. Looking back now, and hearing all the things that she [Cynthia] has said, I’m really shocked,” admits NeNe. “I personally feel that she has tried to put out in the atmosphere that I was a bad friend – to get herself a new storyline.” 

Speaking of using her for a storyline, NeNe dismisses Claudia as “unoriginal.” Discussing their issues – particularly the “whore” accusations – NeNe maintains that although her read wasn’t as tight it was also unplanned, but Claudia’s was scripted!

“I’m original. Unlike some people digging up and googling, who have watched marathons,” NeNe snapped. “She was sitting there with a loaded gun. She had already Googled, and decided, ‘If I ever get into an argument with NeNe I’m gonna say this, this, and this.’ Everything she said, had already been said But NayNay will hit you with something original and blow your head off!” 

The other hostess chimed in to say several people in the entertainment industry – including DL Hughley – have since come forward accusing Claudia of having quite the long list of hookups. “I didn’t even know that existed,” NeNe maintains, “I have not seen that list.” 

NeNe says she is over it all. “I am so tired of talking about all these tired people! I don’t want to give them anything!” Except a C&D letter, that is!

“They talk about me all the time; just let them talk about me. They’re the ones who have been in the business 150 years and still aren’t established! I love it,” laughed NeNe. “They’re helping me – they really are. These girls don’t have anything else to do.” She also hinted that her next move may be to continue working with Disney! 


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