Demetria McKinney Denies Claudia Jordan Tried To Start Drama With NeNe Leakes For A Storyline.

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Demetria McKinney is the new on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but together with fellow-newbie Claudia Jordan they have jumped right into to tackling drama and veteran Housewives. 

Demetria reveals it was never her intention to get into with Phaedra Parks, but Phaedra started it by questioning her career, her relationship, and being rude – which obviously spiraled into a major argument during a recent cast trip to Puerto Rico. Likewise Claudia never intended to have issues with NeNe Leakes!

“When I started my conversation with Phaedra it was not supposed to go that far,” Demetria insists. “They were all on the other side of the table being mad disrespectful. I felt shade and I wanted to address it.” 


“I don’t know if she [Phaedra] needs a colonic so she can let some of that go. I don’t know if she got a letter from Apollo. I don’t know what prompted anything,” Demetria states. “I was nice to everybody – I was overly nice to her despite the shade she started… because she had situations brewing. But at a point, there’s only so much you’re gonna do.” 

As for Claudia ripping NeNe a new non-runway sized dress, Demetria explains that her friend was fed-up with nonsense – and it was not planned or intentional. “Claudia was not trying to start anything with “The Queen” – she was not trying to have a storyline off of telling NeNe her hair looked like Ramen. She saw wrong, she saw it not being corrected, she got tired of… bullies.” 

“You’ve been on the show the longest. Kudos. You’ve been able to do a lot with the platform. Kudos,” Demetria says of NeNe. “Grace, class, authority are things she hasn’t necessarily displayed properly.”

“I ain’t gotta come for nobody’s throne, neck or man. There’s somebody out there that will appreciate who I am,” Demetria continues. Like Roger Bobb? Who recently said “We’ll see,” when prompted about proposing in an interview. 

Now onto Demetria’s other issue – Roger Bobb, of course! 

Demetria cites that she had to keep her relationship with Roger Bobb “really quiet” due to working on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne set, where they initially met. “We didn’t want to jeopardize our lives, but we didn’t want to miss out on the blessing it’s given us now.” 

As for allegations that Roger has cheated with Gocha, Demetria maintains THEY WERE ON A BREAK! “That was not a relationship! It was a one-night stand that lasted the course of a month, OK?! We were not together; that was not my business,” she tells OK! Magazine. “If I am not yours, I don’t know owe you any explanation about what I’m doing and vice versa, so when we got back together I was like, ‘You get tested. I get tested! I love you again.'”

Finally, Demetria says the whole reason she decided to do RHOA was to show people how amazing she is. “I’m happy with who I am – I’m not trying to start any drama or try to act larger than life.  Or trying to act like I’m anything other than what I am,” she humbly explains. “I’m a single mom, I’m happy in my relationship, I’ve been successful before I ever came in here [RHOA], I’m a musician and I just want to be the blessing that I am and bring others along for the ride.” 

Well enough about Dequenchia! Moving on, tonight RHOA returns. Kandi receives bad news about A Mother’s Love, meanwhile Phaedra and Apollo have major issues as his surrender date grows closer. Kenya embraces returning to a career in Hollywood by directing and producing her own sitcom, but Claudia and Porsha exchange words at a Rickey Smiley event! 

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