Kristen Doute Calls Jax Taylor A Sociopath; Scheana Marie Denies Starting Rumors!

kristen doute and scheana marie vanderpump rules season 3

Oh Vanderpump Rules where cheating is as popular as the fried goat cheese balls – although apparently not nearly as tasty. Kristen Doute and Scheana Marie have been implicated in Jax Taylor‘s web of lies as he accused his best friend Tom Schwartz of cheating on his girlfriend Katie Maloney

Now both Kristen and Scheana exonerate themselves from involvement. Kritter says say Jax is lying. But of course! And Scheana says Kritter is lying. But of course! 

In retrospect, Kristen says she should have “blocked” the information about Katie “motorboating” from Jax and Scheana, but you know – gossip, drama, scandal, camera time, attention: OMG Kristen neeeeeds it! “In hindsight, those two gossip queens probably teamed up to create the rumor together,” Kritter asserts, as she accuses Scheana of then “backpedaling” when she was caught in the middle of rumor-mongering. 


Kristen says that when she confided in Stassi Schroeder about Tom 2‘s cheating it was done with compassion. But of course! “I acknowledged what I’d heard because, regardless if I never speak to Katie again, I will always care about her. Clearly the rumors weren’t unfathomable. At the end of the day, it’s up to Katie and Tom to choose the fate of their relationship. . .Hopefully, it will be with all of the cards on the table and honest intentions.” 

Kristen also explains her reasons for reaching out to Stassi – you know, to keep the peace, presumably! “While I understand Stassi’s vendetta against me, what hurt about my falling out with Katie is that I’d always been a great friend to her. I can appreciate how last summer’s drama made it difficult for her, but I can’t wrap my head around why she’s so hateful.” Despite it all she still has fondness in her heart for Katie.

As for why she involved herself, Kritter ultimately blames Jax. “Jax is famous for lighting the fuse and walking away… comparable to Michael Myers but 10X the sociopath. He also has a terrible temper and flips the switch the second you cross him or dare say something he doesn’t like,” Kristen recounts. “Jax’s favorite line is ‘I didn’t see it with my own eyes.’ No sh–, Jax. I didn’t think you sat across the room, taking notes while your best friends had sex with girls who weren’t their girlfriends.” 

But ultimately, Kristen agrees with Jax that Tom 2 and Katie’s relationship is toxic and doomed. “I know Katie and Schwartz love each other, I also however, know what it’s like to be in a comfortable and complacent long-term relationship where it’s easier to sweep things under the rug than deal with them,” she writes

Moving on to the other gossip queen, Scheana is suddenly telling a different story about what she knows and who she knows they’re doing it with! “I hate any involvement that I had in Katie and Schwartz’s relationship and hate the idea that any problems were partially caused by me. I feel absolutely terrible and, of course, have apologized several times since. I don’t ever like to throw anyone under the bus and, believe it or not, I don’t like to be in the middle of my friends’ relationships.” Uhhh… LIES times a zillion .

While Kritter blames Jax, Scheana blames Kristen for the rumor spreading around. “I do not know where Kristen gets off sometimes and why she does the things she does,” Scheana complains. “She really makes it hard to be friends with her when she’s constantly involving herself in everyone else’s business. I NEVER told her about what happened with Schwartz. I don’t want Kristen acting like I’m currently spreading rumors about Katie because I wasn’t.” 

Scheana explains that she heart about it from someone else, like oh so many zillions of years ago! “My friend that Schwartz made out with never even told me what happened. I found out about this a year later, in a casual conversation with Jax, and thought nothing of it — considering I didn’t even know if it was true,” she recalls. 

Katie and I weren’t friends at the time, and Schwartz and I were. Why would I bring a rumor to Katie that I didn’t even know was true?” Scheana asks us. “I don’t talk to Kristen about things I’ve heard either, so I’m unsure why she said I told her that when it came from Jax. And I’m sorry Jax, I’m not trying to throw you under the bus, but I don’t like that Kristen is saying this all came from me when it didn’t.”

Scheana does maintain that she saw Katie partaking in the motor boating incident, which is why she felt compelled to talk about it. “I did see something I described as ‘inappropriate’ that night- so did Jax, Shay and Carmen. That wasn’t a ‘rumor’ I was spreading. I only talked about it with the people who were there that night.” And all of America via the TV, but whatevs. 

Scheana attests that although she is typically a “guys girl” she loves her girls and if Katie was her friend at the time of the make-out incident she would have told her immediately, just like she told Ariana Madix right away when Tom 1 was accused of cheating. “I will always have my girl’s back when it comes to a situation like that. Had Katie and I been close at the time I heard this as well, I absolutely would have brought it to her attention.” Hmmm… interestingly another situation that all started with Kritter! 

Scheana says now considers Katie a friend. “I love Katie dearly. I always have and always will — even when we butt heads. I feel awful she found out about this the way she did, and if I could change things I would. ” And she just wishes evvvveryone could be “AS HAPPY” as she and Shay are! 

So, what I’m hearing here is that everything is Kritter’s fault cause she’s irrational stalker who for real cheats whilst everyone else just drunk makes out and motorboats d–ks, unless you count Jax who does everything bad too – which is why he’s Kritter’s soulmate! 


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