Jax Taylor Talks Kristen Doute’s Manipulations; Says She Ruined Scheana Marie’s Wedding!

Jax Taylor on WWHL

Jax Taylor is not a fan of Kristen Doute, even though he was willing to sleep with her. Twice. But c’mon, people make mistakes, right?! Jax shares that not only is Kristen a manipulative nightmare, who is using James Kennedy, but that she ruined Scheana Marie‘s wedding!

Jax says the scene where Tom Sandoval confronts James about Kristen’s sneaky behavior made him “really feel bad for the guy” because he is so clearly being used by Kristen. “He’s a young kid who likes this girl and trying everything in his power to have a relationship with her, when she’s still pining over Tom,” the Vanderpump Rules star says. 


Jax was even more upset when he saw James confront Kristen about constantly texting Tom 1. “She’s so manipulative,” Jax continues. “It’s so clear to see that Kristen is clearly in the wrong here, and she’s making James feel bad for believing Sandoval. It’s crazy how good she is at this.”

Kristen has to realize that Tom is just a lot happier without her. You just need to move on,” he says in his Bravo blog. Of course, Kristen wasn’t able to move on and all the drama exploded at Scheana’s wedding, for which the previews next week show Kristen out of control during the reception. 

“Leave it to Kristen to f–k things up,” Jax complains. “She’s crazy.” He says Scheana begged everyone to just set the drama aside for one day. “Scheana said, ‘Just don’t cause a scene. This isn’t a joke. This isn’t SUR. This isn’t a party. This is my wedding which I’m going to remember for the rest of my life.'” But it didn’t work out and Kristen created huge drama. 

Jax also believes Kristen is “100%” responsible for bringing Miami Girl to SUR to confront Tom 1. Although he still has no idea what happened in Miami because he went on a beer run – and the whole encounter was only 3 minutes, after all – but he doesn’t think Tom cheated

“Don’t bring anybody back to the room – especially these hungry and thirsty girls,” he warned Tom and Tom. “You know how this game is – all it takes is for someone to snap a picture… I knew in the back of my mind it was going to bite us in the ass somehow. Sure enough it did.” 

“I’m 100% sure this girl was looking for her 5 minutes – which she got – and she just wanted some money from some tabloids,” Jax tells OK! “Tom and Ariana have an amazing relationship. They’re gonna last a very, very long time. They’re wonderful together.” 

Jax also says he really doesn’t care about gay rumors. 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]