Phaedra Parks Admits Apollo Nida Fooled Her; Talks His Cheating! Calls NeNe Leakes “Supportive”

phaedra parks on ellen degeneres - did apollo nida cheat?

Yesterday Phaedra Parks appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk the recent events of her life – most specifically Apollo Nida‘s incarceration and their marriage! Ellen also asked Phaedra about her Real Housewives Of Atlanta castmates and if Apollo cheated during their marriage. 

What struck me is how nervous Phaedra seemed – in all the heated situations we’ve seen Phaedra in I’ve never seen her literally trembling. We do know she doesn’t like to “open up” so maybe that had something to do with it. I did love her dress which, and she joked with Ellen that anyone could be a southern belle – even Ellen. Ellen joked back that she had pearls on under her suit. 

We previously shared some of Phaedra’s quotes about her life now, how she was initially supportive and believed Apollo was telling the truth (“Obviously it didn’t turn out that way,” she acknowledges.) and Phaedra also denied cheating during their marriage.


Phaedra parks red dress on Ellen DeGeneres

In the full interview, Ellen asked Phaedra why she married Apollo, who was on parole when they met, Phaedra says she believes in the justice system and she believed him to be ” a changed man; rehabilitated.” Ellen asked if this was a “red flag” and Phaedra balked a little. She says Apollo committed his first crime when he was a teenager (he was 19) and by the time she met him he was 30 years old. She mistook it as an indiscretion of youth.

She implies Apollo had her fooled. “He is quite charming,” Phaedra explains. “He could sell you ocean front property in Arizona.” Apparently Phaedra now realizes she was bamboozled by his charm?

Ellen asks about the persistent allegations that Apollo cheated on Phaedra throughout their marriage. Phaedra will not confirm yes or no, but sometimes one says more when they say nothing at all, because the implication is hell ya! he was cheating! “To be honest, I never had proof… that he was unfaithful, so I don’t want to say that,” Phaedra states. Now that Phaedra has filed for divorce she has, “Made the decision to move on and put it all behind her.”

Mostly she wants to keep things amicable for her sons and to refrain from smearing Apollo in the media. “I want them to feel their mother handled the situation gracefully,” Phaedra says, because she wants to set a good example for them. 

Finally Ellen asks Phaedra to play a word association game with her RHOA castmates. Most surprisingly, Phaedra and NeNe Leakes seem to have built a genuine friendship! Below are Phaedra’s responses:

NeNe – “Genuine” Phaedra adds, “She has been the most supportive person through all of this.” 

Kandi Burrus – “Buddy” Phaedra beams and says they are friends. Awwww… I love Phaedra and Kandi! 

Kenya Moore: “Satan” The audience and Ellen burst out laughing. Phaedra won’t elaborate on why, but says to watch the show. 

Claudia Jordan: “Kenya Jr.” Ellen says, “Satan Jr” and Phaedra says, “No – just Kenya Jr.” Phaedra implied Claudia wanted to make a name for herself on the show. 

Cynthia Bailey – “Lapdog”. When Ellen says everyone loves a lapdog, Phaedra gives her a look that again makes the audience laugh.

Demetria McKinney – “Day-old communion bread.” Ellen, clearly not Catholic, doesn’t get it so Phaedra clarifies that Demetria is boring, “Like watching paint dry.” Ouch – guess we know why she didn’t get a peach!

And finally, Porsha Stewart – “Survivor” 


Overall I think this was a good interview for Phaedra who put herself out there professionally and eloquently, and most importantly, away from the housewives sphere of drama. There was a lot to be nervous over, spilling your guts on national TV in a situation that makes you look like the fool for marrying a philandering ex-con, who turned out to be exactly who he seemed to be! 

[Photo Credits: Ellen/WarnerBros/NBC]