Last night’s Watch What Happens Live the guests in the clubhouse were Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks.  The ladies talked divorce, engagements, RHOA reunion, and more with Andy Cohen.

They start out talking about Phaedra’s coffee enema – I’ll spare you that conversation.  They then play one of Andy’s games and show different situations with NeNe and share their opinions on her reactions to each thing or her over-reactions.  He shows a clip of NeNe walking out of the therapy session.  Porsha says that NeNe was attacked and felt she had the right to tell the doctor exactly how she felt.

On the insult NeNe hurled at Claudia in Puerto Rico.  Porsha says “I thought both of them were being comedians at the time. I didn’t seem that serious.”  Phaedra says she thought it was hilarious.

Phaedra disagrees with the other ladies about the trip to the Philippines being peaceful because NeNe was absent.  “First of all, NeNe has been a part of this group for a very long time and she knows how to fall in and have a good time. She’s very fun.” 

On NeNe’s wig choices this season, Phaedra says “you gotta work, girl.”  Porsha says she thought they were fun.

Andy plays another game right away, called “Fix It Jesus” and shows feuding housewives and asks Phaedra if their relationships can be fixed.  He first shows Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville and Phaedra says “No.”  He also shows Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards and Phaedra feels they will work things out.  She gushes over how much she loves Lisa and says “No good deed goes unpunished.”  She adds, “Next time, Lisa, just call her sponsor.” 

Andy plays a clip from next week’s episode where Apollo calls Cynthia and Peter and asks Phaedra if she was surprised to see that phone call on the finale and she says “No, not really.”  She says that Apollo is doing good and she just talked to him that day.

The first caller asks Phaedra if she has taken the boys to see their daddy.  She snipes back “If that was your business….”  Sorry, Phaedra, your fans are interested in your life since you put it all out there on reality TV.  No need to be a bitch about a simple question.  Andy asks how the boys are and asks if they know where Apollo is and she says that yes they do know.  She doesn’t bite Andy’s head off over HIS questions. 

Phaedra says that her relationship with Kandi is doing fine.

Andy asks Porsha if she’s dating.  She says no, nothing serious.  So, she was 100% full of crap about the engagement/baby announcement when she said that ONE of the things were true.  I just can’t with her anymore. She needs to find an interesting storyline or be done with the show and stick with Dish Nation. 

Andy wants to know if Porsha was bothered about Claudia and Kordell taking selfies together – we’ve been through this like eight times before, haven’t we?  She reiterates that she was only irritated because last year Kenya was calling her Kordell’s beard but then suddenly she’s trying to hook Claudia up with him.  She says again that she hasn’t talked to Kordell since before she signed the divorce papers.

Phaedra is asked about how she felt when Apollo spread the Mr. Chocolate story.  “It was very disturbing because obviously it wasn’t true, but people do crazy stuff when they are having marital issues.”  She then threw a whole lot of shade at the other husbands (aka Peter) because Apollo’s friend Bun does call to check on the boys but “others” talk a lot about the situation but don’t actually call to see how the kids are doing without their dad.  She did say that Gregg has, so that leaves peachy Peter. 

Phaedra plays coy about her marital situation.  The bartender brings up her “divorce” and she corrects her that she’s still married.  Andy tries to clear it up and says she’s going to stay married but she just slyly smiles and says “I’m still married.” 

Phaedra is asked if she thought it was shady of NeNe to walk out of her event.  “No, I don’t think it was shady because NeNe came all of the way from New York to attend the event and she came so she could support me and she also came so she could uplift young men.  She did not want to destroy the event by arguing.  So for her to come and be mature enough to not engage in foolery, I’m very proud of Miss NeNe.” 

A viewer wants to know if Phaedra was afraid during the garage scene with Apollo.  “I was very concerned. It was very frightening.  It was very intense.”  She says “Bun was very helpful and he’s one of Apollo’s very true friends.” 

Another caller asks about Phaedra’s marriage/divorce situation and she again says “I’m still married” and when the caller starts praising Jesus for that, Phaedra thanks her.  Sounds like these two aren’t calling it quits if her comments tonight mean anything…

When someone says Phaedra is looking thin she admits she’s been doing a lot of liquid diets lately. 

Tonight’s poll question was “do you think the truce between Kenya and Phaedra will last?” and 80% answered No.   Andy asks Phaedra what the status is.  “She got what she wanted, the conversation, so I thought we were all good but..just wait for the reunion, so that you can see what really happens.”  Andy says “I thought the reunion was really dramatic in a totally different way than normal.  It was very non-ratchet.”  Porsha pipes up sarcastically “we’ve had a ratchet reunion?”  Phaedra says “well, I would’ve voted for a snatch and grab.” 

A Tweeter asks if Porsha’s engagement ring photo was an April Fool’s joke.  “yeah, that was April Fool’s. It was just fun at Dish Nation.”


Photo Credit: Twitter