Are You Ready For Tonight’s Southern Charm Reunion? Is Kathryn Pregnant Again?

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Like y’all, I can’t understand why Bravo short-changes us on Southern Charm. Not an actual full season’s worth of episodes? The reunion at the WWHL clubhouse? This is a legitimate reality series, not the ugly, less popular sister of Below Deck (which I also love…don’t get me started on how slighted that crew is!)…why not treat it like one? 

This is my favorite show because it’s the most real of the reality I see on a daily basis…that, and Patricia Altschul is my much better coiffed spirit animal. That said, can you believe the reunion is tonight? That final episode left us with a screeching Kathryn Dennis sprinting the deck of the Yorktown and the promise of a more balanced Craig Conover. In terms of closure, it wasn’t what we’d hoped! So, what do we know about the gang heading into tonight’s reunion? 


Last season ended with the birth of Kathryn and Thomas Ravenel’s beautiful daughter Kensington. After her mink adorned meltdown, I wouldn’t think this one would end similarly. However, some sources are claiming that the couple once touted as “Dysfunction Junction” could be adding to their brood. For reasons I won’t go into, it pains me to reference Fitsnews, but the founder of the site, who was once Thomas’ best friend (now sworn enemy) is reporting that Kathryn may be expecting…another baby, not help with those fake lashes. 

The site claims that T-Rav and Kathryn are back together and spending polo season in Aiken. An insider shares that that the duo may have big news to share in the coming months. The source asserts the beautiful horse-driven community is aflutter with gossip of another Dennis-Ravenal collaboration. One insider states, “That’s the word around town in Aiken,” while another T-Rav confidante adds, “She told (Thomas) she was, but no one has seen proof.” Another ex-aide of Thomas’ corroborates, “(Kathryn) said she is (pregnant), but no proof last I heard.”

Not surprisingly, Facebook tells another story. Fellow blogger Tamara Tattles cites Kathryn’s social media site as confirming not a pregnancy but (yet another) public break-up. Per that site, Kathryn posted a picture on Saturday of a mystery woman on her Facebook page, writing, “This is who Thomas Ravenel left me (literally at the dinner table) for. She’s 49 and told him she was 47. What a loser. Eloise Ham Anderson. Watch out for this psycho. She blocked my number from his phone—we have a child together. That’s the most disgusting and irresponsible thing I could possibly imagine. Trust me, I will be protecting our daughter Kensington from this wreckless behavior.”

I honestly don’t know how to respond to that overshare (snarky, or otherwise!), so I’ll just awkwardly segue into the Ask Andy segment on Bravo TV which highlights tonight’s reunion. Andy Cohen agrees that the drama between Kathryn and T-Rav is palpable, but he promises that he calls them out on their behavior and believes (oddly enough) that they are still truly in love. He also touts Cameran Eubanks as the best dressed among the cast. Well, duh. In a game of Shag, Marry, Kill, with the contestants being Craig, Shepard “Shep” Rose, and Thomas, Andy admits that he’d be happy shagging all three of them. Of course, if it came down to brass tacks, he’s shag Craig, marry Sheppie (he’d have to fight me for it!), and kill T-Rav, although he really loves the wayward politician. 

I know there are a few folks who think I go easy on the Charmers because I live in the same town, and to each, their own. I’d like to say though, that while I sometimes see the cast shopping at the Teeter or crossing King Street (and I’ve known to approach them a time or two when I’ve seen them dining together at lunch), I don’t go easy on them because I secretly hope they read my posts and will want to induct me into their inner circle. I’m not vying for a spot on season three. Their social life would actually impede on my Dateline watching, bagel bite gorging Friday night ritual, and I’m not willing to give that up just yet. 😉 Truth be told, I love this show because one, I get to see my favorite places and the haunts I can’t afford to frequent myself, and two, everyone on Southern Charm (as ridiculous as they are) seems real, and they appear to genuinely care for each other and value their totally screwed-up friendships. I am greatly appreciative to y’all for coming with me on this blogging journey. That said, any time you’re in town and want to hit up the Palace Hotel in hopes of a potential Shep sighting, give me a shout!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]