Sonja Morgan Settles $7 Million Bankruptcy Judgement; Andy Cohen Denies Talking Bethenny Frankel Into Wedding!

RHONY's Sonja Morgan

Sonja Morgan is debt-free. Well, kinda. The Real Housewives Of New York star has been battling a $7 million dollar bankruptcy judgement for the last few years after a failed film production deal pushed her off a financial cliff.  

Struggling to get-by on diminished assets without losing her NYC townhouse, Sonja has finally been given the clear from a judge to repay her creditors and enter into a bankruptcy-exit plan. Sonja obtained the millions by selling a St. Tropez chateau she won in her divorce proceedings, but the process was temporarily hindered when Sonja’s ex-husband filed a $6.2 million-dollar lawsuit against her claiming he was owed proceeds from the French sale because he had paid upkeep on the home, plus a portion of the Colo. home Sonja was attempting to liquidate.

However Sonja gleefully reveals, “It’s over now. It’s come to an end.” 


Sonja is “out of Chapter 11” now that she is able to roll proceeds from her St. Tropez home into paying off creditors. Sonja ended up owing $9 million-plus. “It was $7 million judgment but with the administration fees, it was about another $2 million,” Sonja explained to E! News. She’s had the $9 million in a holding account (!!) while the judge gave the clear to release it creditors and Sonja assures, “The $9 million-plus is all there.” Dang – the lady really does have some cash! 

Now cleared of the huge albatross of court proceedings and judgments, Sonja feels relieved. Hopefully she’ll start drinking less!

“It feels great. I did a great job. I paid what I had to pay and it wasn’t easy, but at the same time it was an experience,” Sonja champions. “It’s nice to be free of everyone looking at my money. I finally have my financial privacy back.”

With one failed business venture fully behind her, Sonja is creating a luxury lifestyle empire. “I’m looking forward to building up my business of fine jewelry, evening wear, sportswear and swimwear.” Oh and her toaster oven dreams aren’t dead yet either – “I still want to do home goods and appliances down the road,” she announced. 

Page Six reports that as part of Sonja shedding her bankruptcy she is looking forward in other ways – she’s looking to buy a place in the Hamptons! Sonja wasn’t able to take on another mortgage during her bankruptcy reorganization, but now – what’s stopping her?!

Sonja was viewing a new condo in the Hampton’s Ponquogue Point, where the selling prices for the water-front views start at $2 million. Sonja is also moving on in her romantic life and is done being a cougar-hunter. “Sonja’s looking for a serious life partner,” a friend reveals. 

In other RHONY dramas, after Bethenny Frankel accused Andy Cohen of talking her into a marriage to Jason Hoppy, Andy is fighting back! 

“That’s ridiculous,” Andy dismissed and joked about his ability to manipulate Bethenny. “That’s the kind of pull I have over Bethenny. I can talk her into getting married.” 

Bethenny claimed she always knew her marriage was doomed to fail because Jason wasn’t the one, but pressure from friends (including Andy) along with the lucrative spinoff drove her into a marriage with the wrong man. Andy denies all of this, and claims Bethenny and Jason were legit at the time! 

“I was very supportive of their love though,” Andy told Extra TV. Adding, “They were really, really in love and I felt it.” 


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