Melissa Gorga Dishes On Joe And Teresa Giudice, Lauren Manzo’s Wedding and More; Luann de Lesseps Talks RHONY


Melissa Gorga and Luann de Lesseps were guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight.  The ladies dished on weddings, naked men, co-stars, the European trash business and more with Andy Cohen.

Melissa reiterates that Lauren wanted Caroline Manzo to wear white to her wedding last weekend.  She said Dina did come to the church but that’s it. She confirms that Joe Giudice didn’t attend.  She also says that Joey insisted on wearing those plaid pants despite Melissa asking him to dress in all black. 

They talk about how much fun this season of Real Housewives of New York has been.  Luann says she’s more relaxed and having a good time.   They talk about the girl code/naked guy crap again.  Luann says she CAN see that they (Heather and Carole) were upset over the guy, but says “I would be taking selfies myself.” 

A caller asks Melissa how Teresa Giudice is doing.  “As well as can be expected for the situation. She’s holding in there. She’s really strong and she’s really good at keeping it positive especially when she talks to the girls on the phone and connects with her husband and everyone. ”  She says the girls are doing really good and she sees them a lot.   Melissa reveals that she hasn’t visited Teresa but Joe (Gorga) has. Melissa says that she’s requested to be on the list but hasn’t been approved yet.  Melissa thinks the approval has to come from the prison but Andy says twice that he thinks it’s pending Teresa’s approval. 

Luann says her deeper voice this season is due to allergies. 

Melissa wants to join RHONY because it’s so light and fun and kooky and crazy.  She also says that she’d do a duet with Luann.

A fan asks if Melissa thinks Joe and Teresa will stay together after she’s out of prison.  “Yes, absolutely.”  Melissa shared that Joey and Teresa’s parents are doing well health-wise, etc.

Luann says that Carole absolutely did apologize for Heather bursting in her room and said she (Carole) tried to stop her, but the cameras didn’t catch it and Carole denied the side apology on WWHL.  “It’s upsetting because I called her on it and she lied to me in front of Heather and denied it. ” More to come at the reunion, she says. 

Lu shares that she was SO hungover when Heather burst in her room.  It was the last day of the vacation and they had been drinking and having fun for five days straight.  And yes, that was her Yummie bra and panties she was wearing, not a swimsuit. 

A caller asks Melissa what’s up with her music career and asks if she’ll be releasing new music.  “I haven’t made any music in over a year.  I’ve been so focused on my HSN line of jewelry.  I don’t know. I don’t want to say that I’m never going to but I don’t have it in my direct plans right this second. I do love what’s out there, though.” 

What’s Melissa’s friendship with Dina like these days? “I haven’t seen Dina in a really long time. I know she was at the church, but I didn’t see her at the wedding.  I haven’t seen her in a while. We like each other, we just..”   Luann asks if Dina is back on The Real Housewives of New Jersey but Andy cuts her off and says “we’re not in production on the show, but she was back last season.” 

A caller asks Luann if she blames Ramona Singer for sending the ladies into her room.  She says she was annoyed because the guy was already gone and so there shouldn’t have been a rush over it and they could’ve waited for her to get up.  She wishes they would’ve been a little quieter about it and not so hysterical.

Andy asks Melissa about the trash business.  I swear he already asked her this one of the last times she was on the show and she explained then (and again tonight) that they were merely “investors” in a huge company and Joe doesn’t really work with it much. (um, except for picking out the truck and the logo and and..)  Luann says that she has European friends in the trash business and that the trash business does very well.

I have to say that I miss shady-scrappy Melissa.  I don’t know if the craziness of those early few seasons of RHONJ did her in or if it’s what happened to Teresa or what, but last season, at the last reunion, and in interviews lately she’s guarded and reserved and kinda blah.  We all needed a break from the over-the-top dark drama but please bring the old Melissa out to play once in a while!  😉


Photo Credit: Twitter