Brandi Glanville Is Talking To Kim Richards And Kathy Hilton – Confirms They’re Still Friends!

Brandi Glanville on KTLA

Brandi Glanville is getting all unfiltered again! In light of her verrrrry good friend Kim Richards‘ arrest last week, Brandi confirms she’s still in contact with the troubled former reality star – and she’s talking to Kathy Hilton. Kathy thinks BRANDI is a good influence and wants her involved? Hmmmmmm… 

Brandi reveals that she spoke to Kim this weekend. “She’s going through it. She’s struggling right now. All I can do as a friend is just be there for her and not talk about her in the media!!– I can’t fix what’s going on. I’m there for her. I love her, but unfortunately there’s some stuff going on.” 


Brandi echos that Kim has a lot of family support and confirms Kim is speaking to her sisters – yes, even Kyle Richards. “I talk to Kathy a lot just because of what’s going on with Kim,” says the former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star. “I don’t talk to Kyle at all, but I know they’re all in communication with each other.”

I honestly feel bad for Kyle, this woman – Brandi – trashes her husband, her business, her, spills her family drama all over the media for attention, yet Kathy and Kim still participate in a relationship with her?! SO disrespectful. 

“There is a softer side of me,” insists Brandi. A softer side that wasn’t shown on Housewives. “I have my kids half the time, but the other half of the time I get myself in a little trouble,” she admits. “It happens… But that’s when the cameras are on and the kids are gone.” 

Brandi also spoke out about the current status of her relationship with Eddie Cibrian, explaining it “ebbs and flows” a lot. Brandi and her ex-other half still aren’t above fighting in public. “The other day we were at a concert and we had a little spat in front of all of the other parents,” she laughs. “Because we have kids together we’re gonna be in each other’s lives forever. I want the best for him. And we do what we can do.” 

Brandi confirms that where parenthood is concerned she and Eddie are on the same page about how their children are raised. “Both of our parents are still together, we were brought up very similarly, we didn’t have a lot of money… We have the same morals… well, when it comes to the kids,” she tells KTLA

As for what’s next for Brandi, sadly, she confirms she’ll occasionally be appearing on RHOBH, but not as a Housewife. “Ultimately they didn’t ask me back full-time.  Sporadically I’m coming back.” Brandi said she wanted to return as a full-time Housewife, but “it wasn’t in the cards.” 


Now that she’s done with Housewives Brandi is plugging her wine, Unfiltered Blonde and, again, reminds us, “There’s another television project in the works.

Brandi says wine sales are going great!  “I love my chardonnay as everyone knows, so it made sense! I’m really excited about it because it’s really taking off right now.” When asked about her fellow Housewife wine-purveyor Ramona Singer, Brandi refused to answer. For once. “Don’t even get me started on that woman,” she snapped. 

Well there you have it – Brandi is still meddling in Richards family drama, she will be occasionally appearing on RHOBH, she’ll never get along with Eddie – even though she swears she will, and she’s still unfiltered and drunk! And loving it! So basically nothing has changed at all. 


[Photo Credit: Twitter]