Brandi Glanville Drama Roundup: Moving Update, Drunken Escapades, Cheating Husbands, And New Show Title!

Brandi Glanville throws up hand gestures and almost takes a spill

With Brandi Glanville there is never a dull moment. The FORMER Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star has blamed Bravo for her non-stop drama and antics, insisting they made her act that way, but spend 5 minutes with Brandi’s twitter feed and you’ll know that’s not true. 

Since getting fired, Brandi has been acting-out nonstop to get attention. Here’s the latest on her escapades which includes her seventh move in 6 years(!), examining the proclivities of cheating Beverly Hills husbands, drunken nights out with Oops moments, and teasing about the new show she supposedly has in the works. Oh goody. 


Let’s start with her drunken melodramas. Brandi hit-up her favorite restaurant, Craigs in LA, where she gets into a lot of trouble. This Saturday was no exception. TMZ released a video entitled “Wasted In WeHo” featuring a super-sloppy Brandi wearing basically pasties as she attempted to get into a truck escorted by her “sometimes-husband” BFF Darin Harvey.  

Spies report Brandi had more than 6 cocktails(!) at the pricey restaurant. After nearly falling on her ass, Brandi flashed gang symbols to the paparazzi, cause she’s gangsta (eye roll).


Of course Brandi insists she wasn’t drunk, just “a little tipsy” – cause she’s never drunk! 

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.22.28 PM

Brandi added, “@HarveyLevinTMZ @darinharvey &Harvey 1 bottle of wine between 3 people does not 6 drinks make,your a lawyer you should be able to add” 

Mmmmkay. Whatever, B! “There’s nothing uglier than a drunk woman…” 

On to other Brandi issues! She revealed the status of her latest move, which includes getting a storage unit (heads up Storage Wars!) and selling off some of her stuff, if you wanna buy! “I’m going to do that 5mile app to sell my back yard furniture and office stuff it’s too big for storage & it’s nice :(,” Brandi lamented on twitter. Any takers?!

Apparently with all the chaos of this latest move, Brandi has no time for all us haters. That includes YOU: TMZ (and YOU: Joanna Krupa!). 


Obviously Brandi’s plate is never-ever too full to call out cheating hubbies. Showing that she keeps abreast of current events, Brandi commented on the recent news that several high-profile men have been caught in cheating scandals with transgender women. However, I suspect there is more to it than Brandi having an interest in modern culture.

Is Brandi’s tweet trying to be controversial and scandalous … 

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.35.27 PM

…Or throwing some major shade at Kyle Richards? In case you’ve forgotten, the major storyline of RHOBH season 4 was Mauricio being accused of cheating on Kyle with a transgender escort. Is Brandi’s tweet aimed at Kyle? Especially since Brandi blames Kyle and Mauricio for her latest breakup with on-again/off-again boyfriend JR

Brandi continued to lament her bad luck with boys in her latest NW Reality Weekly column, Brandi Snaps! “Boys suck,” she complains. “I met the hottest guy last night and it turned out he was married.” Apparently they were flirting and he was hiding his ring in his pocket. HA! 

And finally, Brandi is giving more tidbits about her new TV project. Brandi tweeted that she’s working on creative for a new show titled “Damage Uncontrolled.” Rumor has it Brandi scored a spinoff (not on Bravo) about her life, trying to navigate the exclusive and wealthy world of BH as a single mom and famous divorcé as she finds new love. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.45.46 PM

Errr… well it sounds like Brandi has a lot going on. Including filming this awesome music video, which you can watch below. 


 Brandi Glanville throws up hand gestures and almost takes a spillBrandi Glanville throws up hand gestures and almost takes a spill

 Photo Credit: Splash