Brandi Glanville Whines About Her Dismal Financial Situation; Enjoys A Night Out In Beverly Hills

Brandi Glanville

When Brandi Glanville isn’t bragging about her endless job opportunities and boasting about how happy and carefree she is since she turned down 500K to sometimes appear on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (hahahahaha), she is whining about her living situation and complaining about her finances.

Brandi interviewed (obviously I use that term loosely) RuPaul’s Drag Race‘s Michelle Visage, who was a treat to listen to, on her most recent podcast. Unfortunately, as per usual, Brandi talked about herself as much as she could.

When the subject of fame/finances came up, Brandi shared, “I know all of this could be over tomorrow. I’m not stupid like that. I save my money and, you know, I don’t own a house yet and we’re moving now into an apartment from a house. I feel like I’m kind of going backwards. It is hard because all I wanted to do was buy something and then, you know, the job situation turned around.”


I’m not sure what “all of this” means to a widely despised, fired reality TV star but… Michelle encouraged Brandi to stay positive and focus on what she has accomplished.

“It’s just because my kids, you know, they don’t want to move,” said Brandi. “They love our house. On their father’s time, they have a beautiful house. I love that for them. There’s part of me that wishes I could give them that same security of not moving every year. We have moved seven times in six years.”

How dare LeAnn Rimes have talent that paid off. And do not even get me started on the “look at me” car Brandi leased when she did have a $100,000 check. Michelle stressed, as long as Brandi’s boys are fed and loved, where they live doesn’t matter.

“I feel that way half the time, then the other half of the time I feel like a failure. I’m peddling going nowhere,” bemoaned Brandi. “But at the same time I know it’s going to be fine. Listen, I’m gangster. We lived out of my car for two months, going couch surfing on my friends’ couches, with not a dollar to my name because everything was held up in an escrow fund, canceled all my credit cards… I know we can do it… but life has been cushy for a few years. I’m a little scared just because the money flow isn’t coming in but there’s a lot going out.” 

The money isn’t coming in, so Brandi spent last night out on the town, and on the prowl for a new man, with Carlton Gebbia and Adrienne Janic. Priorities.

Brandi Glanville


You can listen to Michelle’s interview on PodcastOne.


Photo Credit: 3rd Eye/WENN.COM