Meghan King Edmonds Reveals Shannon Beador Won’t Talk To Her Anymore – But She Doesn’t Know Why!

Meghan King Edmonds

Meghan King Edmonds and Jim Edmonds were guests on AfterBuzz TV this week. On the Real Housewives of Orange County after show, Meghan talked about editing, said Shannon Beador needs to “get over” her obsession with her age, teased what’s to come this season, revealed if she’d return to the show, and more.

As a reality TV newbie, Meghan listed “not running into the crew” and “having to wear fake eyelashes” as the only two things that took some getting used to. Otherwise, she was ready and willing to film, “Being on a reality TV show, you have to be okay in front of the cameras, otherwise you don’t have a story. You don’t have a show.”


Meghan said she wasn’t asked to join Real Housewives of Orange County until November 2014. She wasn’t ‘in talks’ or ‘testing’ at Heather Dubrow‘s hoedown last season, so her appearance and run-in with David Beador, which turned out to be a thing this season, was purely coincidental.

“What really happened at the hoedown was, I was thirsty and needed a glass of wine and they happened to have cameras there,” she said. “That’s really all that happened.” Meghan added that she didn’t even know who Shannon was at that point because she was new and the season hadn’t started to air yet.

Unlike most Real Housewives, especially new and unpopular ones, Meghan had no complaints about the edit she has received. “I like it,” she said. “I’m happy with what I’ve seen on the show. I mean, what you see, that’s me. That’s what I really did.” Jim added, “They do a really god job of editing.”

Meghan went on to say that editing has even helped certain housewives. For example, she said Shannon‘s outburst in Napa was actually a lot worse than it appeared on TV, “It was way more heightened. They calmed it down.”

Jim‘s only complaint thus far was the hate he got from the viewers. He pointed out that the viewers don’t know them personally, don’t understand their everyday banter, etc. Being called a “horrible husband” and a “horrible father” took him by surprise. Jim said he stopped watching the show and got off Twitter, adding, “I just don’t like the negativity.”

When asked about Katie Hamilton, who quit the show for personal reasons after filming began, Meghan said, “I totally wish she would have stayed on. I love Katie. I talk to her pretty frequently. She’s hanging in there. She’s strong. She’s a tough cookie.”

Moving on to Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers, Meghan admitted that she thought it was “weird” that Brooks didn’t go to Vicki’s mom’s funeral. “I was surprised,” she shared. “I was thinking, ‘Your serious girlfriend, that you live with, her mother died. This is the darkest moment in her life and you can’t be at the funeral?’ That just goes to how, maybe her family really hates him that bad. You have to pick your poison there.”

Meghan agreed that there’s an “air of suspicion” surrounding Brooks‘ cancer, adding, “As the season goes on, you’ll see a lot of questions that come up. A lot of pieces don’t fit into place. It’s not just me who’s questioning. You’ll see that I’m not the only one. When I say that I wonder if he’s being truthful about his diagnosis, I am NOT just pulling that out of my butt. Vicki and Brooks have said thing that kind of are contradicting or they raise suspicion or questions.”

If Brooks is lying, is Vicki in on it or being duped? “I don’t know Vicki or Brooks very well. I just know what I hear from Vicki and Brooks. I don’t know if Vicki would be fooled if he would be lying. But the girls know Vicki and they say, ‘No, Vicki’s smart. She would be duped by this.'”

When asked about Shannon calling her “the 30 year old” all the time, Meghan said, “She needs to get over it.”

AfterBuzz TV said, if their tweets are any indication, it seems like Meghan and Shannon are in a good place now. “When you say we’ve been both had nice tweets… I would say that I’ve had some nice tweets to Shannon,” argued Meghan. “Shannon’s not talking to me right now and I don’t know why. We went through a lot of ups and downs on the show. Right now, we’re fine, on the show. We’re neutral. We’re not close… but we’re fine. We were in a good place at the end of filming but now she’s not talking to me.”

(She doesn’t know why? Maybe because her talking heads are so bitchy!)

Despite their drama, Meghan insisted she really likes Shannon, “She’s funny. I like her kids. We loves David and Shannon. They’ve been kind to us. And, so, it’ll be fine. I feel good about that.”

When asked if she thought any of her co-stars “made issues with the new girl to get air time,” Meghan said, “For sure not Shannon. Everything just happened. There was no coercion from production, or from anyone. It all just happened. If there is anything like that, I haven’t seen it.”

Does Meghan regret not inviting Shannon to her charity event? “I have no regrets. Why would I regret it? You’re in different points at different stages. I wasn’t friends with her and she just stormed out [in Napa].”

Jim chimed in to admit that he requested Shannon not be invited, explaining, “It was our home. And it was our party. It wasn’t a show party. My family and friends were there and it was for charity and the last thing I wanted in my home in front of my friends and family was a drama show. That was my only role in the entire show.”

When asked what’s to come, Meghan teased, “You’re going to see us go to Tahiti. I get really close with Tamra and Heather. You’ll see a lot of us hanging out. Me, Heather, and Tamra do something really cool together the three of us that is going to change the course of the show.”

Meghan said she would “totally” return next season, adding, “And I’d be pissed if I was fired.”

In other RHOC news, more viewers than usual tuned in to see Vicki learn that her mother passed away. “The Real Housewives of Orange County and Odd Mom Out both experienced double-digit growth on Monday, July 6,” Bravo reported. “The OGs in the OC hit a season 10 high among all key demos garnering 2.8 million total viewers – up 10 percent – and 1.7 million P18-49 – up 11 percent – from the prior week’s episode (6/29/15).”

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Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/Bravo