Stassi Schroeder Returns To Vanderpump Rules for Season 4?“OF COURSE” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Stassi Schroeder‘s latest desperate, grasping,  shenanigan. After spending all of Vanderpump Rules season 3 constantly bragging about how above it and over it and mature and amazing she became after meeting the love of her life Patrick, it looks like Stassi got dumped! And then was rumored to be living on Kristen Doute‘s sofa (hope it was professionally cleaned!). My how the mighty (in their own minds) have fallen… 

In a new blog Stassi seems to covertly admit her return to the show with an update on her paltry living situation. It ain’t no Villa Rosa she’s found herself in… 

So what has Stassi been doing while bumming (literally) around LA, living out of a knock-off designer suitcase and selling her statement necklaces on the corner? Well it looks like she’s been awaitin’ on filming for Pump Rules season 4 to wrap. Our source dished that Stassi makes an appearance in the finale, which was filmed last week, to settle the score with her ex Jax Taylor and several other former friends. 


It appears Stassi is unceremoniously single, so she has nothing to lose, and is rocking big hair, big boobs, and an even bigger gnarly attitude as she hints at her un-triumphant return to reality TV. I thought she could never look at the leakers of her sex tape again?! 

In her recent Style By Stassi blog Stassi shares that bad credit and dismal living situations have made things miserable. She’s been “on hiatus this summer” while drinking away the blues after possibly breaking-up with The Amazing Patrick. Stassi mentioned while appearing as a guest on Brandi Glanville‘s podcsat that she and Patrick had decided to live separately while trying to recapture the magic. According to Stassi, he didn’t like her being involved with the show, so rumors of her return only fuel rumors that they’re not too serious anymore!  

“I’ve had a little bit of a ‘rock bottom’ situation going on over the last few months,” Stassi admits in her blog. “I’ve basically been living like a nomad for 4 months, with all my belongings in storage, carrying around 3 suitcases wherever I go… “

Stassi acknowledges that her own fiscal irresponsibility landed her in this mess – presumably she’s squandered all of that Pump Rules money and with all the bridges she’s burned in LA, maybe friends are scarce these days… Should’ve sold that sex tape! With that in mind Stassi has pulled on her big girl panties and moved to NYC?

“Apparently credit is something that’s relatively important when trying to rent or buy a home. Lesson now fully learned,” the reality star villainess shares. “I am pleased to say that things are looking up! I just got a new place AND New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow, so Style by Stassi is TOTES back. I’m flying to NYC tonight and will do my best to document everything I can!”

Well, good for Stassi – I wonder how much of this ‘Woe is me broke and homeless borrowed from Bethenny schtick’ is true? We all know she stuck around for the duration of filming and her shacking up with Kristen while begging for attrition from former friends as a gateway drug back onto the show. Lord knows Kristen is an expert at the phony grovel… 

Stassi very publicly exited Pump Rules last season, calling the show “toxic” and accusing Lisa Vanderpump of using her and spreading lies. Stassi insisted she quit, however, and complained about how awful it was to every media outlet that would have her (there weren’t many). However, after finding herself soul mate-less realizing no one is very interested in the fashion musings of a washed-up reality star, Stassi apparently came to her senses and begged Bravo producers for a second chance at semi-stardom. I have a feeling Lisa only relented to allow Stassi’s humiliation and fall from grace to be full frontal. But beggars – literally beggars – can’t be choosers! 

Also Stassi is hawking lingerie now – pairs perfectly with a sex tape! 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]