Lisa Vanderpump Paid-Off Stassi Schroeder’s Ex So He Wouldn’t Leak Her Sex Tape! Scheana Marie & Vanderpump Rules Cast Protected Stassi!

Lisa, Stassi, and Scheana

Last night on the Vanderpump Rules reunion, Stassi Schroeder accused Scheana Marie of being involved in a malicious plot to expose a self-pleasure sex tape Stassi made for an ex-boyfriend, who eventually passed it around at SUR. Stassi sure knows how to burn those bridges…  The sex tape – thankfully – has never seen the light of day, but everybody wants MORE DETAILS! Here they are… 

Apparently the “graphic 20 minute” tape features some alarming footage of Stassi “masturbating with a dildo,” reveals an insider who has seen the footage. “It was humiliating. It was passed around and everyone in the cast saw it.”

Stassi was devastated when she found out and asked Lisa Vanderpump for help in dealing with the matter. And Lisa leapt into action. 


Lisa did everything she could to help Stassi – including tracking down the unidentified guy and paying him “a lot of money” in exchange for the tape, and agreeing to not release it to the media! In fact, Lisa even discovered a certain a gossip site was going to run a piece about the sex tape and she begged them not to! 

Lisa confirmed the whole cast tried to protect Stassi – and seems disappointed that after all her hard work Stassi outed its existence at the reunion! “It’s obviously out there. I tried to do everything I could to protect her,” Lisa told RumorFix. “I hope she can move past it.”

Lisa also denies watching Stassi’s Self-Pleasure Soliloquy, even though she was given the opportunity, and she defends Stassi. “When you’re young sometimes you do stupid things.” 

A source explained the “entire cast” agreed not to leak it to the media or mention its existence. Lisa muses, “This may explain the attitude Stassi’s had for the cast although they were very loyal to her.”

Lisa echoed that statement on twitter: 

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.28.19 AM

Lisa also admitted on twitter that she paid to help keep Stassi’s solo project a secret. “heard you even monetarily helped keep it under wraps,” someone tweeted Lisa, and she replied, “oh yes.” Lisa also reminded us it was “never leaked” until Stassi brought it up! 

Stassi hasn’t commented, and didn’t thank Lisa at the reunion for her role in covering-up the situation, but she did call Lisa disrespectful!  

Moving on, Scheana is also defending herself against Stassi’s accusations that she collaborated to out the sex tape. She insists she never wanted Stassi’s intimate motion picture to become available for sale by Vivid – in fact, exactly the opposite, because she tried to stop it! “Stassi’s reasons for hating me are beyond ridiculous, and I’ve apologized for any misunderstandings several times,” Scheana begins.  

“I understand that she thought I said and did some things I didn’t do,” Scheana continues. “I’ve explained this to her numerous times. Although she and I weren’t friends at the time, I felt a sense of responsibility to help this not come out.” 

Scheana also explains her role in the sex tape situation, and proclaims her innocence. “A little over a year ago, an ex-boyfriend of Stassi’s showed me a video that she had sent him. I didn’t know what to think. I was shocked.”

“The first thing that came to my mind was why would you send this type of video? Yes, I watched it, and I feel bad that me watching it hurt her, but when it was in front of my face, it was hard not to, and also I knew he was the type of person who would sell it to get back at her,” Scheana protests in her blog

“Unfortunately, through the game of telephone, word got back to Stassi that I was the one helping try to sell it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This guy asked me for my tabloid contacts, and I said hell no,” Scheana writes. Scheana begged the ex not to alert the media because it could “ruin” Stassi’s life, and, “He promised me he wouldn’t.”

“I never meant to hurt Stassi by watching it. I was honestly trying to diffuse the situation,” Scheana clarifies. “I thought by watching it I’d know what we were dealing with if he tried to sell it and how I could stop it. And I DID! It didn’t come out. He didn’t sell. I helped with that.” Well, it sounds like Lisa’s almighty dollar had more to do with that… 

 “This whole situation died and went away, and I didn’t think it would ever be brought up again until Stassi herself brought it up at the reunion,” Scheana reminds. “We’ve already spoken about it, but clearly she was still hurt in thinking I had some part in this coming out.”

Scheana would never “want something like this to come out” about anyone -regardless of whether or not she likes that person. “I just hope Stassi knows that I never wanted to hurt her no matter what our issues were,” she concludes. “I never wanted this to come out, and I did whatever I could to stop it.” 

Scheana is gossipy, but she’s not malicious. I couldn’t see her going to this length to enact revenge on Stassi – she was likely enthralled by the scandal, but I feel, would ultimately do the right thing. I think Stassi is projecting… 

And it’s really weird that Stassi would bring it up at the reunion, especially if she already knew the rest of the cast hadn’t breathed a word about it, and had already spoken to Scheana about her involvement. Hell – Andy Cohen admitted he had never even heard it was out there, so that speaks to the groups collective ability to keep a secret. Stassi really is an ungrateful harridan


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