Vanderpump Rules

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix are back for another season of Vanderpump Rules – despite last season’s crazy-stalker-antics and their relationship constantly being undermined. 

With the show currently filming season 4, the couple “doesn’t even know” what the season will hold. “We’re just getting into things,” explains Tom. “We do plan on having a lot of fun this summer,” piped in Ariana

 The couple also discussed the terms of Stassi Schroeder‘s parting. No surprise, Tom and Ariana hint she was fired. “I don’t know… I guess she walked off into the sunset,” said Tom elusively. “With a boot in her ass!” Ariana chimed in. 


“She’s burned a few bridges,” added Tom, who says they no longer speak to Stassi. “Whatever – best of luck to her, I hope she’s happy – that’s all I can say, really.” 

Tom and Ariana also confirm that Vail Bloom is no longer on the show and questioned whether her relationship with Chris Pine is “possibly” a PR stunt! “You know, in LA things like that get set up sometimes…” Ariana suggested to Perez Hilton. “The kiss looked fairly passionate, so who knows. If it’s real – best of luck! Because I wish love and happiness for everyone.” 

And straight from the horse’s mouth – Stassi is sharing her version of what went down with Vanderpump Rules! In her latest podcast, Straight Up With Stassi, she explains that she “owes it” to her fans, to finally confront allllll the rumors and set the record straight – at least from her perspective! 

Speaking out on accusations (which Stassi purports came from Lisa Vanderpump) that she was fired for “having a bad attitude,” Stassi insists this could not be farther from the truth. “When I first heard this, it didn’t really bother me, because I knew the truth. I knew that when I left Vanderpump Rules, this was inevitable, that things would be written about me and I wasn’t gonna like it. But this just feels a bit different…” Stassi explains that the story has “snowballed” so she feels forced to confront the situation.  

“I feel like I have to say something. Normally I don’t ever talk to tabloids, I don’t ever fight back when someone says something about me even if it’s awful.” Stassi labels people who call tabloids “tacky” and insinuates there is something “wrong” with their brains. “That’s some serial killer shit,” she laments. 

So now getting into the mettle of the matter – what did go down with Stassi? Her version: “The decision to leave this show is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. It’s been something that I’ve deliberated over for two entire years now. I left the show in the most graceful way I possibly could.” 

“I felt proud of myself to make that decision to finally walk away,” Stassi continues. “To be able to say that I’m going to walk away from a lot of financial security, I’m gonna walk away from fame, I’m gonna walk away from opportunities to do other things – all because I don’t want to be in a situation that doesn’t make me happy.” 

“For someone to lie and say that I was fired, in any way, it’s gross and it’s sick, and it’s honestly just truly mean,” Stassi whines. She insists she could use her podcast – listened to by who??? – to incite fans to “be on my side” and she could use it to trash everyone, but she doesn’t because she wants to be “fair.” As always, Stassi is the bigger person!

She claims she was approached about signing on for another season but ultimately decided it was time to move on. “A few months back before the reunion my producers asked me if I’d be willing to continue and said no. There was no bad blood – I can’t give the producers what they want,” Stassi recounts. “I loved the time I had on the show, especially the first two years! The first two years were a lot of fun, but people grow and people change and sometimes you just have to take a different path. It was my time to go: I’m not friends with the cast members, the way their lives are isn’t my life, and I’m not willing to go and pretend that my life is anything otherwise – and that is literally the reason that I left.”

 Stassi clarifies, “I want to focus on other things and surround myself with people who are actually my friends. I don’t want anyone to feel bad about the fact that I’m not coming back to Vanderpump Rules. It’s just new beginnings.” 

Stassi finishes by heaping MAJOR shade at Lisa, announcing, “If I’m in the later half of life, and I’m calling tabloids like TMZ to talk shit about people who are my children’s age – I give you permission to shoot me dead. Because you have to be super not happy with your life to do things like that.” 

Hmmm… I dunno – Stassi’s missive sounds awfully defensive, as if she’s desperate to have something to prove. ESPECIALLY because Lisa never said Stassi was fired, it was actually Stassi’s former friend Peter Madrigal who said she was fired for having a bad attitude, while Lisa, when asked on the red carpet during the Upfronts described Stassi’s parting with the show as a mutual decision because both parties just felt it had reached a natural endpoint. That’s hardly talking shit to the tabloids … 


[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]