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Stassi Schroeder has pulled a disappearing act since outing existence of her own sex tape, which she claimed her Vanderpump Rules co-stars tried to to leak to the media out of revenge. Luckily for Stassi, Lisa Vanderpump leapt to her rescue and paid off the unidentified ex-boyfriend in possession of the tape. And as an Executive Producer, Lisa also made sure knowledge of said tape never made it onto the show – until Stassi mentioned it at the reunion. 

Lisa is puzzled by Stassi’s attitude towards her co-stars, who were “incredibly loyal,” and she is disappointed by Stassi’s dismissal of the lengths they went to to protect her. 

As for how they learned of the sex tape, Lisa confirms Stassi’s ex brought it to SUR. “He comes into the bar and puts it on display. So out of curiosity they looked at it. But no one said anything about it,” she describes. “I didn’t want to see it. It’s disgusting. I decided I’m going to pay to make it go away.”


Despite knowledge of Stassi’s sex tape being “scandalous and juicy,” Lisa decided it would never be a storyline for the show. “The cast and myself had an unspoken agreement that nobody would mention it.”

“I don’t believe any other reality show — especially when she was disparaging them — would keep their silence,” Lisa quips. Explaining that’s why she was frustrated when Stassi refused to make amends. “I kept telling her, ‘They are your friends.’ She should check her radar for loyalty. Unfortunately for her, everything that comes out of her mouth is negativity.”

Reportedly Stassi thought the reveal of her sex tape wouldn’t be aired on the reunion, which is the only reason she brought it up. She erroneously assumed Lisa would continue to protect her and she is furious it was included. “Bravo likes to show the reality,” defended Lisa. And the drama. 

A source tells RumorFix the cast-wide confidentiality pact may be coming to an end. They are furious at how Stassi has been treating them, despite protecting her, and she should be wary. “There are a few other secrets about her past that were never mentioned either.” Ohhh… do spill! 

Jax Taylor is also tired of Stassi blaming him for all her hurt. “She’s dealt with a couple other incidents after me with other guys that were some traumatic incidents, a lot worse than what I did,” Jax told  told OK! Magazine. “She doesn’t move past it.”

Finally Tom Sandoval has been in the hot seat all season and there’s more to Kristen Doute‘s demented ways than were mentioned this season. How is that possible?!

Tom and Kristen do not speak presently, but he is relieved she has “taken a hiatus from trolling” him.

In retrospect Tom isn’t surprised by Kristen‘s behavior or her obsession with Miami Girl. “I heard rumors that Kristin was reaching out to her, but had no idea she would show up at the restaurant,” Tom insists. “I should have known, though, Kristen has proved she will stop at nothing to try to make me look bad.” 

According to Tom, he wasn’t the only victim of Kristen’s stalking. “She also reached out to Ariana’s ex-boyfriend!” Tom tells Life & Style. “This wasn’t even mentioned on the show!” Seriously… wow. 

As for why he ran after spotting Miami Girl, Tom says irrational fear cause him to panic. “It took a minute to even recognize her. I actually felt my safety could have been at risk,” he describes. “Let’s face it; if cameras weren’t rolling this situation would never happen. This girl obviously wanted to get her five minutes on TV.”

For Tom, the constant scrutiny over his life was frustrating. “Honestly, it gets a little old that every rumor is brought under such scrutiny. People seem to get so creative and colorful about knowing more about my life than myself! Words like ‘truth’ and ‘proof’ seem to be so casually used and thrown around by people who seem to have absolutely no clue as to what those words actually mean!” Yes, it is funny when Kristen and Jax are the ones defining those terms… 

“And when lacking proof and truth, certain people like to use repetition to give outrageous stories credibility – meaning if you say something enough times people start to believe it even though it’s not true!” Tom complains. 

As far as his friendship with Jax “we are cool and cordial,” describes Tom. “As far as forgiveness goes, his actions are still in the back of my mind.”

Tom says he and Ariana are living together in a new place and very happy, of course he would definitely return for a fourth season. 


 [Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]

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