Bethenny Frankel Plays Relationship Therapist On The Steve Harvey Show

Bethenny Frankel on The Steve Harvey Show

Bethenny Frankel was a guest on The Steve Harvey Show yesterday and ironically she played Love Doctor. Dealing with the dramatic love lives of her Real Housewives Of New York co-stars obviously prepared her well! “I’ve learned more from my mistakes than from my successes,” explained the author of I Suck At Relationships So You Don’t Have To as she helped two couples deal with crisis. 

Bethenny didn’t dish on any Housewives gossip, or discuss her own romantic involvements, but she did drop a few hints about how she feels about love, marriage, and men. “I’m really happy right now. Or at least I’m going to be happy forever,” she admitted. Which seemed to be a thinly veiled jab at splitting from Jason Hoppy. Bethenny is rumored to be dating CNBC financial expert Marcus Lemonis

Below, some advice from Bethenny on how to handle stagnant and noncommittal men! 


Couple 1: Their struggle involved a husband who was apathetic about his health despite cancer scares. 

Bethenny likened relationship behaviors to a muscle that would “atrophy” if you don’t use it.

— “You can’t just take a relationship for granted. You have to do the work,” lectured Bethenny, speaking from experience. 

— “You want to set good examples; kids copy every single thing you do. Everything. When you choose to have a child, you choose to make them more important than you. That is your legacy. So, forgetting you – it’s about your child. You have to pull your shit together!” Bethenny demanded. 


Couple 2: After 3-years the girlfriend was anxious for a proposal, however the boyfriend had reservations because he grew up poor with divorced parents. He wanted to be absolutely certain and financially secure before proposing. Bethenny adored him. “I love him,” she gushed repeatedly. Seriously – Bethenny was about to fight the girlfriend for this guy! 

Bethenny defended his actions as waiting for the right time, but Steve thought it was all excuses and wondered why the boyfriend wasn’t dragging his feet on jumping into the woman’s bed (TOTALLY AGREE WITH STEVE!). 

— “We as women want the ring more than anything! We don’t think about the whole picture! Men think more logically,” argued Bethenny. “You have to wait for the right moment. Engagements mean the train has left the station.” 

— “Just because you jump in someone’s bed you have to marry them? You have to know if you’re going to get along with somebody.” 

— “There’s gotta be a point where you grab your balls,” Bethenny finally conceded, comparing getting married to starting a business.

Of course, the boyfriend proposed on TV and the girlfriend said yes. Bethenny, never missing a moment for self-promotion, volunteered to supply all the liquor for the wedding, bridal shower, and everything else. Weddings By Skinnygirl! 

Well perhaps Bethenny should be joining the cast of Couples Therapy


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