Brandi Glanville Changes Her Story Again On Leaving Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; Says She Hasn’t Filmed “Yet!”

Brandi Glanville talks RHOBH return on Entertainment Tonight

I’m beginning to think Brandi Glanville is drunk every time she does an interview  – because in every interview she tells a different story about leaving Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

First Brandi said she was tired of the drama and chose to leave, oh – wait she was fired, then she was not asked back full-time, next she was blindsided by getting fired, then she was relieved to be done with the show but will still be making appearances. And now “it wasn’t her choice to leave.” Brandi even admits in this most recent interview that after “half a glass of wine, I don’t even know what I’m saying!” I’m beginning to see a pattern here… 

Brandi does have a wine to promote, I suppose. Warning Unfiltered Blonde may give you temporary amnesia when it comes to recalling facts and discerning the truth. 


Brandi sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk wine, Housewives, and give a new account for why she’s not returning “They [Bravo] said, we’ll have you back part-time,” Brandi said. “That said, I haven’t filmed yet, but they will be filming through October.”

The host alludes that they were offering Brandi the Porsha or Luann package of a one-season demotion. However those ladies filmed consistently throughout the season (and were demoted after filming wrapped), whereas Brandi has yet to tape anything with the newly revamped RHOBH. Thank goodness. 

Just in case Bravo comes a’calling, Brandi is keeping her Housewives pals close! “I’m actually seeing Yolanda today — we’re not filming it, but we are hanging out … ” Of course, Brandi maintains she’s glad to be taking a break from Bravo. “Honestly, I’m happier. I feel like I broke up with an abusive boyfriend. Like, ‘Oh my God, I love you, but you’re horrible for me.’ I don’t want to complain about it (but I am)– and I don’t want it to seem like I am – because honestly, it saved my life, really, in so many ways.” 

Brandi complains about her life being portrayed inaccurately on RHOBH. “The thing is, I shot so much fun stuff. They didn’t show any of it. It just happens that this season, I was the villain, so why show me having fun?” wonders Brandi “It’s a really hard job. People don’t quite get what you go through, ’cause you shoot it, watch it on TV, then relive it again at the reunion.”


“If you think about the women on the show, besides myself, they’re all rich already. The only thing you can’t buy is fame,” added Brandi. “Ultimately I believe they all signed up because they lust for this fame drug and I signed up for money! They said to me, ‘We think if you sign up [again], you’ll just be doing it for the money,’ And that’s the only reason I ever did it, was for the money!”

Defending earlier comments made on Howard Stern that she was on track to earn $500,000 if she returned this season, Brandi volunteers to show her contracts from previous seasons.  “I do not lie,” says the professional half-truth teller. “Obviously part-time, I wouldn’t have been making that. Part-time – salary’s off; you’re done.” 

Brandi rounded out the interview by played word association with other-liquor shilling Housewives!

Bethenny Frankel – “Eat” 

Heather Dubrow – “OCD”

Ramona Singer – “Batshit crazy” 

Teresa Giudice – “Victim. I feel really bad for that situation.” 

Lisa Vanderpump – “Plead the fifth” Yes – she said enough about Lisa on her most recent podcast, the Brandi Glanville Talks About Brandi Glanville and Interrupts Brandi Glanville Show. 

You can see Brandi’s interview with ET below. 


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