Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind. This is a great thing since most headlines about Adam contain the words arrested, jail, or accident… hell, sometimes all three in one shot.

In a recent interview, Adam opened up about his Teen Mom co-stars, plans for the future, custody arrangements (or lack of) with Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halibur, reality TV regrets, and more. 

While it is great that Adam hasn’t been in trouble for a few months, some of his answers (like, Kail Lowry is the nicest girl on Teen Mom and Jenelle Evans is a good mom at heart) lead me to believe he’s just as unaware and delusional as ever. I mean, Jenelle is a good mom? Whattttt?!?


When asked about his co-stars, Adam told Examiner, “I know all of them on a mutual level. Not really a personal level. Corey [Simms] and Ryan [Edwards] from original Teen Mom are the only ones I really talk to every now and again.”

Weighing in on Leah Messer Simms Calvert Messer‘s recent problems, Adam said, “I think Leah is just trying to handle the stress and everything and it becomes too much sometimes. Everyone makes mistakes and social media just bashes the hell out of everyone all the time, no matter who you are, and she’s just trying to get help for her drug problem, which is a really big step for anyone to do on their own.”

Adam went on to declare Jenelle‘s ex/Kaiser Roll‘s daddy, Nathan Griffith, a “good guy.”

“The show and all the fame and publicity goes to everyone’s head. He means well, loves his kid,” Adam added about Nathan. “I think Jenelle likes to push buttons and she instigates a few things, but she’s a good mom at heart and like Leah, has made her own mistakes. Barbara just takes care of Jace well. Barbara and Jenelle do get along more than people think. No one gets to see everything that goes on behind the scenes or what’s edited out of the show.”

Adam admitted he’s never talked to Jo Rivera “on a personal level” because he’s “pretty quiet.” When asked about Kail and Javi Marroquin, he said, “Kail is probably one of the nicest Teen Mom girls on the show. She will always be the first one to tell you hi. Javi is really nice, has a good head on his shoulders, hard working, knows what he’s doing. Really good guy.”

Moving on to what he is actually qualified to talk about (Himself. Not qualified – people who barely knows. I mean, Kail Smash is the nicest Teen Mom? Crawl back under that jail cell rock, Adam!), Adam opened up about his regrets, legal issues, custody arrangements, and more.

Adam claimed he doesn’t like filming Teen Mom 2, adding, “I’m contracted so I can’t just up and quit. The one and only benefit with the show is obviously the money for me, Chelsea, Aubree, Paislee, and Taylor. If I could go back seven years ago I wouldn’t have signed it.”

“I’m from a small town of about 1,000 people,” continued Adam. “The big city life isn’t me. I just purchased a house for me and my girls. It’s a five bedroom house, in the country, which has always been my plan. I have rights to Paislee, settled out of court with Taylor. Chelsea and I are trying to work out visitation and custody rights for Aubree out of court.”

On where he stands with his very long list of legal problems, Adam shared, “I had lost my license for five years, which I just got back a few weeks ago. I was released off probation six months early for good behavior and have been off probation for five months. I sat eight months in jail for my DUIs, paid all my fines, followed the law, and stayed out of trouble. I was let off early for good behavior. I’ve made a lot of mistakes I know I can’t take back and can only take responsibility for them and own up to them. Now I’m just trying to make a better life for myself and my kids.”

Looking forward, Adam said he plans to focus on his gym job and write a book about his life. “I am a certified personal trainer, hired under Pure Fitness in Sioux Falls,” he shared. “I’m staying focused on the gym, anything negative or bad comments on my social media are removed and deleted. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone who does not really know me. I have been doing a lot of photo shoots and positive publicity to better my image.”

“My future plans from here on out are to start my own supplement line and to own my own gym,” added Adam. “I am looking into publishing a autobiography on my life and how everything changed. Things no one has seen or heard. The journey for my life is on the right path, finally, with my kids and the gym.”

Why no mention of his aspirations to make porn with Farrah Abraham? Ha!

In all seriousness, I hope Adam is serious about growing up and staying out of trouble for Aubree and Paislee‘s sake. Let’s hope Adam gets serious about shaving off that dreadful baldhawk sooner rather than later. Cross your fingers.


Photo Credit: MTV

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