Lizzie Rovsek Says Brooks Was The Love Of Vicki Gunvalson’s Life; Thinks Vicki Hasn’t Gotten A Break This Season!

Lizzie Rovsek of RHOC

Lizzie Rovsek didn’t attend the Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion and has been on the sidelines this season, keeping herself removed from the drama and the accusations, but that doesn’t mean Lizzie lacks an opinion on the happenings. 

Discussing her perception of the reunion and the highs (and very, very lows) of this season, Lizzie has one major takeaway observation: “It seems like all season everyone can say whatever they want, no matter how hurtful or inappropriate it may seem; but as soon as Vicki opens her mouth everyone is so quick to be appalled and shocked.” 

Case in point: Meghan King Edmonds (and her amazingly romantical marriage to Jimmy Dad Jeans). Lizzie credits Jim’s awkward demeanor to disliking women’s drama. “…When I have been with the Edmonds I have seen them happy and fun together.”

Jim was the same guy on camera and off camera as far as I could tell,” observed Lizzie. “However, I don’t necessarily think he was portrayed as a very loving and supportive husband, but viewers see only parts of our relationships on the show,” she adds. 

As for Vicki’s comments concerning how long Jim and Meghan’s marriage will last, Lizzie doesn’t want to state the obvious: DOOMED. (I kid). “I don’t necessarily agree with repeating this story, but Vicki was taking a lot of heat from Meghan. Meghan tried to expose Vicki as a con artist all season. Who wouldn’t be annoyed at being investigated behind your back by someone that barely knows you? It’s not like everyone saw Jim and Meghan in this amazing relationship. I personally didn’t find it that offensive.”

Lizzie also shares, that despite Meghan’s claims that she’s always herself on camera, the reunion showcased the ‘real Meghan’.

“It was nice to see Meghan more reserved and a little softer at the reunion. That is the Meghan I initially met; that is the girl I became friends with,” reveals Lizzie. “It’s not a secret that I haven’t agreed with the lengths Meghan went to this season with the investigations, etc. I think Meghan was making her mark for her first season. I have to appreciate her boldness, but it was nice to see the sweeter side to her.” 

Reacting to Shannon Beador‘s decision to make David’s affair her storyline (and the central focus of her life), for Lizzie it was courageous to air such personal moments. “If I were Shannon, I would do the same thing. However, David had to be willing to do that, too,” she says. “Shannon and David were on the same page and were ready to openly share their journey and struggle. I admire them both for that.” 

Lizzie’s husband Christian wasn’t willing to share intimate moments of their marriage – perhaps a hint about why Lizzie was demoted? “I would have liked to be more open about some hardships in my marriage, but Christian wasn’t willing to do that this year,” she admits. “I really held back in respect to my husband’s wishes.”

Finally, the matter of Vicki. (And Vicki’s issues with Tamra Judge. And Vicki’s issues with Briana. And Vicki’s issues with Meghan. And Vicki’s issues with Shannon. And Vicki’s situation with Brooks. And Brooks situation with everyone on RHOC, who hates him.) At least Vicki has one friend: Lizzie.

Vicki told me that Brooks was the love of her life,” adds Lizzie. “That kind of love is very, very difficult to get over.” Oh Vicki… 

“I honestly feel bad for Vicki and have for the second half of this season,” states Lizzie. “Love is the strongest emotion, drug, what have you on the planet. Love can be blind and I’ve seen women I love date men like this. From my experience, Brooks was always a very nice guy and a gentleman and seemed to make Vicki very happy. It’s really appalling to hear that he hit on Briana while she was pregnant along with the other things he was saying and doing.”

Despite all the revelations, Lizzie remains sympathetic to Vicki

“I think that if Brooks’ cancer was not put under a spotlight and was not the target of the season, I think they would probably still be together,” says Lizzie. “Vicki hasn’t had a break this season and I honestly don’t know what Brooks’ real story is. At this point, I’m not sure I even care.”

My only concern is for Vicki to be surrounded by some loyal people and that she is okay,” insists Lizzie. “The stories that Briana told about Brooks were horrible. The sad thing is I believe her. I don’t understand why Briana would lie about that. It seems to me that Briana really loves her mom.” 

Lizzie also defends Vicki’s joking comment about Tamra’s custody situation.  You know when Vicki watched Tamra, whose daughter won’t speak to her over her embarrassing behavior on RHOC, gyrating with a strap-on a see-thru onesie! #SatONmadeMeDoIt

Tamra and Vicki have a long history,” reflects Lizzie. “I have heard Vicki defend Tamra in her custody battle many many times — I’m not sure what that was all about. I know that Vicki feels that somehow Tamra is behind the dispelling of Brooks’ cancer and perhaps that was in retaliation?” 

Finally about Vicki and Shannon’s friendship fallout, Lizzie believes they can overcome. I mean, after all Shannon forgave Tam-Terrible! “I definitely think Vicki and Shannon can mend their relationship if they are willing to try.”

Shannon felt the exact same way about Tamra at the end of last season as she does about Vicki now. Guess what? She forgave Tamra and they are closer than ever,” reminds Lizzie. “Shannon is a devout Christian and has shown the world that she can forgive. Hopefully at some point these two do make amends.” Everyone on this show is suddenly loving Jesus… 

Well, tonight marks part 3 of the Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion. Although we’ve been promised earth shattering, EPIC, mind blowing reveals so far it’s been pretty lackluster. Almost as lackluster as Vicki’s Xanaxed shell-shocked demeanor. She must have PTBD – Post Traumatic Brooks disorder after being dickmatized by the Southern Fried Grifter. 

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