Meghan King Edmonds Has Always Been A Warrior For Truth, Celebrates Anniversary, And Talks RHOC In ‘Locale Magazine’

Meghan King Edmonds on Locale Magazine cover

Meghan King Edmonds didn’t begin her role as crusader for cancer, seeker of Truth! and Justice! on Real Housewives Of Orange County –  that has always been her destiny. It wasn’t her destiny to marry Jimmy Dad Jeans who knows her soul? 

Meghan recently celebrated some milestones on instagram. One being her family heritage as truth sleuth-ers, a glorious legacy Meghan revels in upholding. Meghan takes this responsibility very seriously, apparently! 


meghan-grandfather[Photo Credit: Instagram]

Alongside the above photo of her grandfather, Meghan shared, “My very handsome grandfather! This photo of Papa King was taken in the 40’s. He died at age 84 of cancer when I was 12 years old. I missed his funeral to accept a Glory Award for ‘truth’ from the Missouri House of Representatives (he served in the House for years and my dad insisted he would’ve wanted me to accept the ‘truth’ award to honor him). I sought the truth then, I seek it now! Even the state acknowledged my quest for knowledge!”

Is Meghan being sarcastic? I can never tell with Robot-Words Edmonds of the Googling Kings of Saint Stepmom Island, Town Of Hashtag. 

In other important destinies Meghan is carrying on the legacy of Mrs. Jim Edmonds’ with their one-year-anniversary. For those that recall, Meghan once appeared on Say Yes To The Dress

Meghan & Jim Edmonds anniversary[Photo Credit: Instagram]

“Happy 1 year anniversary to my love! I love you @jpe1515. I can’t believe how quickly this date snuck up on us! You are my best friend and I couldn’t have been luckier to find you,” gushed Meghan. “From the first time we spoke on the phone (I was in LA and you were in St Louis and we joked about how we were in each other’s hometowns… Ironic considering where we are now) to the kiss you gave me on my forehead in bed this morning, every moment is a gift. I cherish you, husband.” 

 Only 4 more years to go til 70% OC divorce rate kicks in! Yeah – every moment is a gift. I’m not sure Vicki Gunvalson feels likewise. She celebrated Meghan’s anniversary with a snippy tweet directed at her new nemesis. Meghan’s anniversary was spent on important stuffs: Protecting honor Tweeting about Vicki. 


When Meghany Drew isn’t defending truth and justice, (or stepchildren), she’s a part-time model. Meghan posed for Locale Magazine where she discussed her experience as the new girl in Real Housewives Of Orange County‘s orange grove of deception. 

Meghan King Edmonds Locale Magazine

Meghan calls her entrance into Real Housewives Of Orange County a “seamless transition” thanks to her friendship with Heather Dubrow. Although Meghan did have hesitations – particularly because her siblings and parents had a lot of “apprehension” about her foray into reality TV. 

“My husband and I had a lot of talks about the what-ifs of joining the show,” Meghan shared, because they are newlyweds, but also their stressful move to California right before filming started. “We went from both of us not working and being together 24/7 to only seeing each other 50 percent of the time, living in California and St. Louis and both us working in different cities. It was and still is a huge adjustment.” 

In retrospect, Meghan, like so many others, believes the show helped she and Jim “grow” in their marriage. And ultimately Meghan was “honored” to be cast, because, “These women have a lot to offer, and apparently someone thought I did, too!”  Yes – delusion. 

And, after signing her life away Meghan got to work preparing. “I immediately purchased season 9 on iTunes and did some recon work,” she admits. 

Meghan King Edmonds Locale Magazine

This clears up many things about Meghan behavior of preconceived vendettas and looking to start trouble. She first took on Shannon Beador, the weak-link from last season who had already demonstrated her emotional instability, then Brooks Ayers whom everyone knew was sleazy and untrustworthy. Of course I think she was largely doing Tamra’s bidding… 

“From the beginning the cameras never bothered me” says Meghan. “I always acted the same in front of and behind the cameras.” 

“I think everyone has a certain opinion of themselves, and since perception is reality, most people truly believe they are what they think,” describes Meghan. “I have the opportunity to see myself as other see me by watching my reality on television.” 

Meghan first season was about to “major friendship evaluations”, but she “immediately clicked” with Tamra. In fact, Meghan describes one of her favorite moments as when Tamra surprised her in Moorea by being topless.

Meghan King Edmonds Locale Magazine

As for what’s in the future Meghan and Jim are “talking about having a baby.” Gotta hand it to Meghan (the photographers, stylist, and makeup artists, and retouchers) – the photos from this spread are gorgeous! 


[Photo Credits: Locale Magazine]