Vicki Gunvalson Defends Herself Over Comment About Tamra Judge’s Parenting; Argues With Tamra On Twitter!

Tamra Vs. Vicki at RHOC reunion

On part 2 of the Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion Vicki Gunvalson was outed for making a comment about Tamra Judges parenting and custody battle

During Tamra’s sex tape release party, Tamra, while was wearing a lace, see-thru catsuit while thrusting and gyrating with a strap-on. Vicki joked to Heather Dubrow, “She pretty much lost custody of one, she doesn’t want to lose two more,” Vicki’s comment referenced Tamra’s ex-husband Simon taking Tamra to court, in part, claiming her her lewd behavior on RHOC was detrimental to their children. 

Upon hearing Vicki’s comment Heather was scandalized – so scandalized she waited months to reveal this to Tamra (on television, no less, cause they’re close like that!). Heather’s reason being Tamra was keeping her custody issues private. Until Tamra needed a convincing reason for her love of being Jesus real! 


Tamra didn’t lose custody – her eldest daughter Sidney chose to live with Simon. Tamra and Simon share 50/50 custody of their younger two children.

It was inevitable that Vicki would face serious backlash for her trashy comment. Without apologizing (of course), she sort of acknowledges that she misspoke and attempts to clarify.

Because Tamra is all about taking accountability for her actions (‘sOK – Jesus is the dry erase board for the past), she blamed Shannon Beador for the strap-on incident. 

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Tamra, added, Vicki “was 200% incorrect never lost custody of any of my kids. She’s nasty back stabbing human.”  Tamra recently cut Vicki out of her life like a tumor Brooks never had

Vicki, who has some SERIOUS image-rehabbing to do, attempted to defend herself. She tweeted to Tamra, “I didn’t mean to say ‘lost custody’… I knew of your issues with your daughter and didn’t think it helped.” 


“Bad enough for Vicki to bring up @TamraBarney private info about her children. But to laugh??? #cruel #nolaughingmatter #kidsareofflimits,” chimed in Shannon. To which Tamra replied, “@ShannonBeador she’s such a good friend. Just ask her.” 

“That is not a laughing matter and I have supported her,” Vicki insisted

Vicki’s comment – joking or not – was in poor taste and mean-spirited, but, sadly, seems to have a ring of truth. (Unlike everything else on this show!). 

Tamra’s behavior IS often appalling! Tamra is nearing 50, a mom of 4 and grandmother; time to think before you act – particularly on TV. Good mother away from the cameras, or not, all of Tamra’s behavior should be in the best interests of her children. If my children stopped speaking to me because of my embarrassing reality TV behavior, I’d stop! #Priorities. Obviously neither Vicki, nor Tamra seem to have their priorities in check

Last week Tamra’s daughter Sidney wrote a scathing Facebook post about their issues. Tamra accused Simon of posing as Sidney, but Sidney confirmed that it was not only her account, but her words. 

Tamra, in her newfound Jesus-y halo of moral superiority, says she has forgiven Vicki, but will never trust her again. 

One person defending Vicki is Alexis Bellino. She tweeted about Vicki loving God and having “a heart of gold.” Isn’t that why Brooks fell for Vicki… her gold?

Personally, I think all the women on Real Housewives Of Orange County need to check their judgement of each other’s parenting!

– Vicki called her daughter a shit-stirrer, and has defended Brooks countless times at the expense of Briana!

Tamra, well, other than what is happening above, there is Ryan

Shannon shamelessly dragged her 3 children into a storyline about David’s affair, even making them discuss extremely personal details about adult matters on television. You could tell her children were not comfortable in those situations! Not to mention her constant broadcasting of The Affair with every gory detail shared.

– Meghan is denigrating the parenting of Jim’s ex-wives while claiming her entire life revolves around stepchildren she loves so much. Simultaneously, Hayley was dragged into living out extremely personal and difficult times on television as Meghan broadcast Hayley’s issues with school and behavior (plus being on birth control), just so she could have a storyline. Worse yet, Hayley was commandeered to help fight Meghan’s battle against Vicki

So far Heather – or at least her poop covered nanny – seems to be the only one putting her children first! 


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