Vanderpump Rules’ Katie Maloney Doesn’t Trust Lala Kent; Sees Good Changes in Jax Taylor!

Scheana Marie poses with Katie Maloney's engagement ring

In SUR years, Katie Maloney is considered nearly retirement age, which makes her somewhat of an authority on the new blood joining this season’s cast of Vanderpump Rules! After all, she’s been through the Stassi Schroeder wringer years, she’s seen Vail Bloom blow in-n-out so fast, we almost got whiplash. As for this season’s newbies, Katie is loving Faith Stowers so far, but the same can’t be said of castmate Lala Kent.  

Katie shares, “Being a veteran at SUR, now-6 years and counting, I have met and trained most of the new servers. My first impression of Faith was that she was very laid back and personable. She wasn’t shy and was very candid in our conversation from the start. I knew I would get along with her.” Although Faith has limited serving experience, Katie says she doesn’t mind offering some extra support to help Faith “keep her job.”


When it comes to Lala, however, Katie’s not so sure. She explains, “I only briefly met Lala before going for drinks a Surly Goat with the crew. She is also from Utah so I thought we would have plenty in common. However she had a bit of a stand-offish demeanor and didn’t seem to care about fitting in or making friends off the bat. I can be guarded with people at first because I have a pretty strong intuition and something told me to hang back and take my time with Lala.”

Things got weird when Lala started talking about her “modeling” gig in Italy. Katie explains, “When Lala started talking about her trip to Italy I knew something didn’t seem right. I also know enough about that industry to not totally buy it. When I already have a funny feeling about someone and they begin to prove my theory correct it doesn’t bode well.” 

When Katie and Scheana Marie decided to confront Lala about her Italy story, she says they weren’t trying to “pressure Lala into tell the truth, but rather give her an opportunity to be honest and redeem herself in our eyes.” 

Katie also doesn’t relish working side by side with someone who isn’t, well, actually working! She continues, “Aside from my personal feelings I couldn’t help but feel frustrated by the fact that she [Lala] not only isn’t reliable in the work place but untrustworthy which is imperative to me. We have people coming in everyday with resumes and if someone doesn’t care about the job or want to work why even give them the opportunity. I realize it’s not an important job in the big picture but don’t come in lying to your managers and co-workers.” 

Speaking of sketchy coworkers, Jax Taylor and Jax Taylor’s 4th nose makes an appearance in Katie’s blog this week too! Brittany, Jax’s new flavor of the month (week? day? hour?), was initially introduced to Jax by Katie herself. Katie describes Brittany as having an “air of innocence but also had a lot of sass,” who can “hold her own” against Jax. Hmmm. We’ll see about that! 

Katie does admit, “I was nervous about how fast they were moving their relationship but when I noticed Jax really going to distance to be a better boyfriend than I had seen him my worries faded. I think Brittany is the reason for these changes in Jax and I hope to God they last. This is what he has needed.” #andpenicillin 

As for her own love life, Katie shares, “I have noticed Tom [Schwartz’s] commitment to our relationship and our future for a long time now which is why I relaxed and lifted the ultimatum. All I have wanted to see was him reinvest in our relationship and future and seeing that we are on the same page is very reassuring. We both have work to do still but I’m more confident than ever!”

Considering the engagement ring Katie is sporting with Scheana in the photo above, the need for a proposal ultimatum has long since dissolved! Now, whether Jax ever becomes the marrying kind is a whole ‘nother story. 


Photo Credit: Instagram