Porsha Williams Denies Butt Implants: “This Butt Is 100% Cornbread Fed”

Porsha Williams and Ja Rule on WWHL

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams and rapper Ja Rule are Andy Cohen‘s guests on Watch What Happens Live tonight. Porsha weighs in on everything from her feelings towards Kenya Moore these days to her relationship status with Duke Williams to her thoughts on Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey‘s marriage.

When asked about Kenya‘s disgustingly hot Moore Hair Care launch party, Porsha says, “I thought it was a set up. By the time she got there I looked like a mop. I was about to melt.”

A caller wants to know where Porsha and Kenya stand today. “We’re actually okay,” says Porsha. “We’re okay. We kind of speak to each other. Not so many digs – still a little shade every now and then just to keep up honest, but she is okay. I wish her well.” I hope her snarky comments at Kenya’s launch party isn’t her idea of “not so many” digs.


In honor of her first colonic, Andy asks Porsha which Real Housewives star needs one, figuratively speaking. “Do I have time?” she jokes. “I think the majority of the housewives are full of it. Kenya, she’s still full of it, even though she seems nicer now. Ramona, I love her crazy eyes, but she’s kinda crazy.”

Porsha shares her thoughts on this season’s feuds/confrontations:

Sheree vs. Kenya – “Sheree, because she actually has a house that is ready in almost a month.”

Phaedra vs. Kandi – “I was glad they got it out. I was like, just keep crying, maybe that’ll fix it.”

Phaedra vs. Apollo – “She’s a great mom, and she’s doing what’s right for her kids.”

Peter in the Video – “I think he should go into breast exams.”

Phaedra vs. Todd – “If she owed him money, then they need to talk about it, but as far as I know, she paid it.”

Moore Manor vs. Chateau Sheree – “I just went to Chateau Sheree. She is very much, like, almost done. Like, just paint and a little bit of something else, that’s it.”

Andy, pretending he doesn’t already know, questions whether or not Porsha and Duke are still dating. Porsha says we’ll find out on the show, but she adds, “We’re still good friends.”

Porsha's Cornbread Fed Butt

When asked if she has butt implants, Porsha stands, shakes it, and says, “This is 100% cornbread fed. This is real Georgia meat.” Porsha acknowledges Coco and Chanel (her breast implants) but denies work on her butt.

A caller asks Porsha if she believes Cynthia and Peter‘s marriage will last. “I talked to Cynthia,” she shares. “I’m a woman coming from divorce, even though I didn’t like my ex that much and most people don’t when you’re going through a divorce, I told her, ‘Fight for your marriage. Fight for it.’ I think they are both in it to fight for it.”


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