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We’re only two episodes into the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it’s already obvious that we’re in for a heavy season revolving around Yolanda Foster and her battle against Lyme disease. It is also clear that the cast will be split: supporters vs naysayers. Lisa Rinna – very much a supporter thus far – shared her thoughts on this week’s “emotional” episode in her blog.

“Seeing Eileen and Vince go to Palm Springs to honor his late father, Dick Van Patten, was quite touching and heartfelt,” said Lisa. “He was an extraordinary man that we all felt close to because so many of us grew up with him! As far as TV fathers go, Dick was among the most iconic. Watching Eileen [Davidson] and Vince honor him at his star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars and at his celebration of life was beautiful. It was an honor to have seen him when I did at the Burbank Film Festival last year.”


“I also found my heart strings being tugged when Eileen opened up about her sister’s recent passing,” continued Lisa. “Eileen and her family have had their share of heartache and loss this year, and my heart certainly goes out to her. As she mentioned, it’s not a far stretch to imagine some of the raw feelings that re-surfaced for her when we went to visit Yolanda at her home.”

Makeup free Yolanda Foster

About the visit, Lisa shared, “Yolanda Foster is beautiful without makeup – far more beautiful than I ever am with my full-on glam squad, makeup overhaul. Being in her apartment with Eileen that day was an eye-opening experience as we were given the intimate opportunity to see her day-to-day experiences.”

Can we please stop talking about Yolanda’s makeup, or lack thereof, now?!

Lisa said she grew more sensitive to Yolanda‘s situation that day, “It was quite clear that we were sitting with a woman desperate to feel well and determined to figure out the culprits to her illness while watching her descent into darkness. My heart really went out to her in that moment as I couldn’t imagine, even for a second, having my own life do such a severe 180 due to illness. Yolanda’s situation affected me in a way that made me want to understand what she was going through, and I really started listening to the conversations going on around me pertaining to Yolanda, Lyme disease, and her journey to wellness.”

Those conversations have already begun, “We saw Lisa [Vanderpump] talk to Kyle [Richards] at lunch and openly admit she’s questioning what’s happening beyond the Lyme diagnosis. Then their second conversation about Yolanda in Tuscany where Lisa V said, ‘I’m thinking what she’s thinking is it’s not Lyme disease anymore’ and ‘so you think the mental state dictates the physical state’ in regard to Kyle’s story about her depression after her mother’s death showing itself as physical pain. A whole lot of speculation we’re seeing right now.”

Lisa mentioned next week’s preview, on which Taylor Armstrong unabashedly questions Yolanda‘s illness at Ken Todd‘s birthday party, “Previews for next week show that these conversations about Yolanda’s health start to trickle out more openly among the rest of us, where we begin having some open and candid debates and conversations. A spark of curiosity has now been placed among the entire group. That is the true recipe to ignite a wildfire among us.”

Oh, Bravo… out with the old, Cancer Gate, and in with the new, Lyme Gate.

About the drama surrounding Kyle‘s dysfunctional family, Lisa shared, “The whole situation regarding Kyle and her niece Nicky Hilton’s wedding is just sad. For Mauricio, Alexia, and Sophia to not be invited after Kyle had been invited, uninvited, and invited again, within a matter of days, is inconceivable. There’s always three sides to every story: Your side, their side, and the truth. When it comes to this whole wedding thing, the truth is, this is a despicable situation to put a family member in.”

I agree with Lisa‘s thoughts on Kyle‘s situation, but ugh, I naively hoped there would be less of her family drama with Kim Richards gone (at least to start). I really hope Erika Jayne and Kathryn Edwards bring something new to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


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