Andy Cohen Says Lala Kent And James Kennedy Made Jax And Kristen Look Like Michelle and Barack Obama On WWHL

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Guess who blew any chance of appearing on Watch What Happens Live in the future?  Yep, James Kennedy and Lala Kent from Vanderpump Rules are officially on Andy Cohen’s shit list.  Despite their public apologies, the WWHL host says that he will never have them back as guests and shares what he told Lisa Vanderpump about the failed appearance. 

If you missed it, James and Lala were guests on WWHL last week and they were swearing up a storm, causing a good chunk of the episode to be bleeped out and forcing Andy to name the duo as his Jackhole of the Day.  

The censor got really carried away – not just bleeping the curse words, but the entire sentence before and after, which really killed the show.  So, while it is  James and Lala’s fault for the way they acted and the things they said, the bleeper should take some of the blame, too!   They didn’t have to get so heavy handed about it! 

Andy explains, “I was really excited about having them on the show, especially James because he’s been so entertaining on Vanderpump Rules this season. And he was really excited about being on. The bummer is that I talked to him before the show, and he said, ‘I’m so excited about being on the show. I didn’t sleep last night. I’m so excited,’ And then, it was just gross. They didn’t stop cursing, and I was really irritated. The viewers hated it. They were cursing so much, whoever our censor is, they’re very liberal, and every time you say a curse word, they block out the sentence before, the sentence after, so it’s like the whole episode was on mute. And it was very irritating. And it just left a really bad taste in my mouth.”

Andy believes that Lisa Vanderpump will be “scolding” them at some point for their dismal behavior.  He said Lisa texted him to ask what the hell happened since she was near a TV.   “She texted me that night and said, ‘I don’t have a TV. What happened?’ I texted her back and said, ‘Let me put it this way. They made Jax [Taylor] and Kristen [Doute] look like Michelle and Barack Obama.’”   Ouch! 

I do think James and Lala were obnoxious (and let’s not forget dropping those bombshell STD allegations!) and a little bit thirsty during their appearance, but I do think some of the blame should be on the censor. If they would’ve just censored the curse word, it still would’ve been salvageable and we would’ve at least gotten most of the conversations – like getting to hear what James REALLY said about Stassi Schroeder


Photo Credit: Twitter