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Birthday girl Ariana Madix was all about unicorns and rainbows and sparkly wands this week on Vanderpump Rules. Except when she was crying, or trying to get her boyfriend to codependently take care of her, or casually not inviting certain members of the SUR staff to her hipster bouncy house party!

Reflecting on her “epic” birthday party, Ariana divulges a surprise move Tom Sandoval undertook to make her special day even more special. “Tom surprised me at my party by flying in my best friend Whitney of 10 years who had never been to LA to visit before. She and my friend Meredith hid inside a two-person horse costume and after doing an adorable little performance, Tom and Meredith unveiled that Whitney was in the head of the costume. My friend Lindsay Hand also surprised me by flying in. I was surrounded by so many people who mean everything to me and I got to do flips on a bungee trampoline with sno-cones at the same time!”


Claiming that “Tom was being pressured from multiple angles” to go on Peter Madrigal’s Vegas trip, Ariana admits she wasn’t really shocked that Tom ultimately decided to go

Ariana also clarifies (yet again) why she was initially upset about Tom leaving for Vegas the day after her birthday. She shares, “My feelings were mostly revolved around the timing of the trip. We had a sleepover planned and things to do the next day together and Tom dipping out super early in the morning (all whilst leaving me to work at SUR and do ‘girl things’) just annoyed me. I’d rather be on a bulldozer than getting my nails done. Being alone under the circumstances that I was reluctant to tell anyone was a much bigger feeling that I had.”

In the end, Ariana says it was actually not that big of a deal. Partly because her friends had flown in to keep her company, courtesy of Tom, of course! (#IsTom1AMastermind?)

Girl Time – and girl on girl action! – was on the agenda after the boys left for Vegas. But why was Lala Kent suddenly welcome to Scheana Marie’s sleepover after not being included in Ariana’s birthday?   

Ariana explains in her blog that she didn’t exclude Lala from her birthday as some pivotal, meaningful decision. She argues, “I didn’t ‘decide’ anything. I just didn’t send an open invite to the 50 employees of SUR. I went out on a limb to invite Faith because we had spent more time together and gotten to know each other. She was the only person at my party that I had met recently.”

“At that point, I didn’t know Lala,” continues Ariana. “I was open to it, but I don’t typically make trips to the host stand from behind the bar, so there weren’t many opportunities for that. If there was any one SUR employee I specifically didn’t want to come, it was James [Kennedy]. He was really on one at that point in the summer. It was cool Lala came to Scheana’s because it allowed us to spend more than five minutes together. If that had happened before my birthday, I would be able to say ‘I know her’ and she would have been invited.”


Photo Credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

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