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Kyle Richards stopped by Access Hollywood this week to dish on the drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season.

About Rick Hilton‘s claim that Kyle quit RHOBH, Kyle said she hasn’t talked to anyone, including Rick, about her plans. “The truth is, until the show is officially picked up, no decisions have been made.”

That said, Kyle admitted she didn’t want the drama surrounding Nicky Hilton‘s wedding aired, “It’s a hard show, putting your life out there. Obviously, there are things you don’t want out there. You don’t pick and choose. I think it came about because stuff came up about my nieces and the wedding. I really did not want those things in the show, but we signed up for this, and it is a reality show. There is no script, so what can we do? It is our life.”


As for the other (and never ending) family drama in Kyle‘s life, Kim Richards, “She’s doing really well. She’s happy to be past that. She went and got the help that she felt she needed. Every day I speak to her, she’s happy and in a good mood. She’s taking it one day at a time.” Is it just me, or is “the help that she felt she needed” an odd way to put it? Others felt she needed something different?

Kyle and Kim‘s relationship is still a “work in progress” but they’ve come a long way. “We had very little contact in one year, maybe four times. One of those times was at the reunion, which was the worst reunion we ever had, so that was very difficult,” she shared. “Now we’re better. We’re just working at it, trying, and taking it one day at a time.”

When if she thinks Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is responsible for their strained relationship, Kyle shared, “My sister and I obviously have problems to begin with, but it does set us back a little bit.”

Moving on to the boobless and the brainless Yolanda Foster and the tactless and the soberless Brandi Glanville, Kyle talked about the drama surrounding Yolanda‘s illness and the reason why Brandi‘s role on the show was drastically reduced.

Kyle insisted none of her co-stars dispute that Yolanda has Lyme disease, adding, “I think it was, ‘Does she have something else?’ There was just a lot of confusion about it.”

No dispute? What about Lisa Rinna mentioning Munchhausen syndrome

“She brought it up on camera, which was obviously … Lisa Vanderpump and I were like, ‘Oh God, here we go,'” bemoaned Kyle. “There was kind of like chatter about that, but even Yolanda herself has said she has been doubted by her own family. I don’t think that’s something she’s not used to.”

Yolanda‘s health seems to have improved greatly since she announced her divorce from David Foster. Kyle noticed, too, “I do know that she seems to be feeling better now. She’s been in Aspen, so that’s good.”

As for Brandi‘s behavior, Kyle shared, “I think she got a little carried away.”

Kyle went on to say that she won’t film with Brandi.

“I don’t have to shoot with someone if I don’t want to, and I don’t have to invite someone to a party if I don’t want to,” said Kyle. “If you’re making a reality show and you want it to be as real and authentic as possible, how does it make sense if none of us want to spend any time with her? Brandi did that to her self. She personally made it impossible for me to shoot with her.”


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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